Is Doctor Strange Being In Spider-Man 3 Actually A Bad Thing For Tom Holland’s Spidey?

It’s been revealed that Doctor Strange will be in the upcoming Spider-Man 3 and I think this isn’t a good thing for Tom Holland’s Spidey.

I’m going to be totally honest here, I was really excited by this news.

I just couldn’t help myself from being a bit giddy over the idea of seeing Doctor Strange and Spider-Man in a movie together.

They had such a good back-and-forth in the Avengers movies and I think they make a really good on-screen pair.

It also helps that Holland and Cumberbatch seem to enjoy one another’s company.

Whilst promoting the Avengers movies, Marvel Studios tended to put the two British actors together.

They seemed to have a lot of fun together, and this hopefully will bode well for the upcoming Spider-Man movie.

Benedict Cumberbatch will be playing Doctor Strange in Spider-Man 3

Doctor-Strange-In-The-Multiverse-Of-Madness-Doctor-Strange-2 Scott Derrickson Sam Raimi

Credit: Marvel Studios

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That said, when you stop to think about it for a second, maybe having Doctor Strange in a Spider-Man movie isn’t the best idea.

It was revealed Doctor Strange will be playing some sort of mentor role for Peter Parker in this upcoming movie.

This will be the third time Spider-Man’s had a mentor from the main MCU movies in the standalone Spider-Man films.

Is that a good thing for Spidey?

Does this mean that Marvel just does not trust Spider-Man on his own?

Does Tom Holland’s Peter Park need an MCU equivalent of a babysitter in his own movies?

It really is starting to seem that way.

The first movie, Peter had Tony Stark as his mentor, which made sense.

However, in the second movie, Peter had both Jon Favreau’s Happy and Samuel L. Jackson’s Nick Fury.

Now, we’re hearing that the third movie will see Doctor Strange take on that role.

Can Peter Parker not just get a supposedly standalone Spider-Man movie without having an Avenger keeping a close eye on him?

Can’t Tom Holland’s Spider-Man be OK without another Avenger?

Marvel Studios' AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR..Spider-Man/Peter Parker (Tom Holland)..Photo: Film Frame..©Marvel Studios 2018 action movies

Credit: Marvel Studios

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Again, I love the idea of seeing Doctor Strange and Spider-Man team up in this Spider-Man movie.

However, there is a trend here and I don’t think it’s good news for the future of the Tom Holland Spider-Man movies.

Of course, Spider-Man did work with other Marvel superheroes in the comics.

However, he would work ‘with’ these other Marvel heroes. He wasn’t being ‘looked after’ by them.

These Spider-Man MCU movies do seem to depict Tom Holland’s Spider-Man as a bit hapless.

He often relies on the help of others, but then he does manage to save the day on his own.

This is the aspect of these movies that I do love.

The final acts of the last two standalone Spider-Man movies do have Peter Parker saving the day basically on his own.

I will give them that, and I’m hoping that Spider-Man 3 will do something similar.

What does this mean for the future of Spider-Man movies?

spider man 3 title spider man homesick

Credit: Sony Pictures

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I’ve really enjoyed the first two Spider-Man movies.

I actually think they’ve been two of the best Spider-Man movies ever made.

That said, I do worry that Marvel Studios is still not completely confident in the character.

However, I do think that will change moving forward.

I think that the next Spider-Man movies won’t be so reliant on other MCU characters.

I think they’ll be far more Spider-Man centric and he’ll get to be your friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man.

That is what I want to see, and I think there are many other Marvel fans who think the same way.

What do you make of this feature?

Are you looking forward to seeing Doctor Strange in Spider-Man 3?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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  1. Lama Chaar

    They need doctor strange to be in spiderman but he’s not babysitting him! If u saw the end of spiderman far from home everyone knew spiderman identity and they said that peter killed mysterio to be the next iron man. Peter didn’t want anyone to know his identity i don’t really know why and in his second movie people now think he’s a bad guy (because of what mysterio said) and now he really need someone to have his back. That doesn’t mean he can’t stand alone he can but he had a reason to keep his identity a secret and if he wanted people to know his identity he didn’t wanted that way because ofc no one want to be known as a murderer or a bad guy when you’re the good one. And in homecoming tony wasn’t really babysitting him but because Peter is 15 years old and Tony trusted him and gave him a new suit and he made a huge upgrade to it so it’s a little bit dangerous for a 15 years old and if anything happens it’s on Tony because he gave him the suit. He took his suit from him because he thought that Peter wasn’t ready to have the suit. In far from home happy was with him but he wasn’t in the fights. Peter did everything but happy helped him. He helped him like how he helped Tony. Nick fury was the whole story because mysterio went to nick fury and nick trusted him and he told him to get Peter cause Peter have EDITH so mysterio can trick Peter to get the glasses from him. So if there’s not nick fury there’s not spiderman far from home ☺️ that’s how i think maybe I’m wrong but all of us don’t know what’s coming and I’m so excited for the movie after everything I heard and every marvel movie is amazing. Finally after a month we can watch a new marvel movie and series (i watched all of them 100 times)

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