Disney Reportedly Not Considering Releasing Black Widow On Disney Plus

It’s been rumoured for a while that Disney has been considering releasing Black Widow on Disney Plus before its theatrical debut. However, according to Deadline, this isn’t the case.

Deadline has reported that Disney is actually looking at releasing the likes of Cruella, Peter Pan and Wendy and Pinocchio on Disney Plus instead. This comes after there’s been a number of outlets reporting that Disney will be releasing Marvel Studios’ Black Widow on Disney Plus.

This news was revealed after Warner Bros. Pictures announced they would be releasing Wonder Woman 1984 on HBO Max and in cinemas at the same time – this Christmas day to be exact. This news did come as a bit of a shock to me personally, however, you can’t really blame Warner Bros. for making that decision.

Black Widow isn’t coming to Disney Plus before cinemas

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Credit: Marvel Studios

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2020 has been a bit of a nightmare year for movie studios and cinemas alike. Studios haven’t been able to release their movies into cinemas due to the pandemic, and cinemas are now heading towards going out of business due to the current lack of blockbuster releases.

It’s a terrible time for many people out there. People are losing their jobs left, right and centre due to this pandemic. This makes what’s going on in the movie industry seem rather insignificant.

However, the fact of the matter is that performers, crew-members, editors, VFX artists… All the people involved in the entertainment industry, from top to bottom, are struggling. This is why movie studios are trying to find other ways to release movies.

It does seem as though streaming seems to be the answer. And given the fact that Disney Plus now has over 73 million subscribers in its first year alone, releasing more new movies on their platform might be the only way forward.

What do you make of this story? Were you hoping to see Disney release Black Widow on Disney Plus? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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