Dexter New Blood Season 2 Has Been Cancelled

Dexter New Blood Season 2 Has Been Cancelled

Dexter New Blood Season 2 has been cancelled! TVLine reports that television network Showtime is cancelling the initial plans for a second season for the serial killer with a code. There are, however, reports that the network is keen on having a spin-off series instead. Even possibly a prequel series as well.

After the successful run of the last season of the character Dexter Morgan portrayed by Michael C. Hall, series creator and showrunner Clyde Phillips did not fully confirm that a sequel is on the cards. Rather he said:

It’s all in Showtime’s hands. If they were to call me and say, ‘We want to do [a second season], we want you to figure it out,’ I’m pretty busy, but I would drop everything I’m doing and jump right into it. I would love to do it, but it’s really up to Showtime.

Dexter New Blood Season 2 Won’t Happen

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As it appears, Showtime has a different plan for Dexter New Blood as it’s now possibly breaking into spinoffs. The end of the series had Harrison, played by Jack Alcott, kill his father, Dexter. It was a good close for the main character’s arc after everything that has happened. Finally, he truly cared for someone else and that someone is his son. Dexter even realized he truly loved his son before he died.

Supposedly, the succeeding series would follow Harrison after his first kill. The New Blood finale showed Police Chief Angela Bishop, played by Julia Jones, giving Harrison a way to escape. It leaves the main story resolved at the same time opening a few sets of questions about Harrison’s state of mind. There is always the question of whether he also has his ‘dark passenger’ as his father did.

For a significant part of the series, Harrison displayed definite tendencies which were exactly why Dexter connected with him in the first place. The father was torn between pride that the boy is his son and fear that his son will go through life as he did. Dexter’s protective side went into overdrive, so much so that he broke his codes just to get to secure the future of his son.

TVLine states that Showtime is exploring different avenues for Dexter. With the impending merger with Paramount+, it is possible they are looking into ways they can expand and maximize the franchise. It could also be possible that a series featuring a younger Dexter Morgan is in development. Possibly, it will feature the time his adoptive father schools him on how to control his ‘dark passenger’.

Dexter New Blood Might Just Have A Spinoff Instead

Dexter New Blood Season 2 Has Been Cancelled

Credit: Showtime

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The adult Dexter Morgan of the original series already perfected his craft. He had everything calculated and even got into the police force as their blood splatter specialist. One of the series in development could feature his path getting to that point. That would also be interesting.

Dexter New Blood truly made up for any of the disappointment that the last season of the original series ever made. Having Jennifer Carpenter back as Debra Morgan being the ghost of Dexter’s past also his conscience was highly consequential. In a way, she was his unfinished business.

New Blood had a great heart to its core. It nicely wrapped Dexter Morgan up. In my opinion, leaving it as is and considering spinoffs instead would be the best way for the narrative. However, by the season’s finale, fans on IMDb rated the last episode 4.6/10 which is even lower than the season 8 finale having 4.7/10. Then again, the entire season rates high at 8.1/10.

With this, I could only assume that fans don’t want Dexter Morgan to die. Thus, perhaps is the reason Showtime also means to expand his story.

Do you think a spinoff of Dexter New Blood would work?

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