Dave Bautista’s Next Movie Is A Surprising Sequel


Guardians of the Galaxy actor Dave Bautista has a clear path to a sequel of his PG-13 movie My Spy. According to Collider, the Glass Onion star will go to South Africa soon to shoot the sequel.

Despite the sad realization that he will not be Bane in James Gunn and Peter Safran’s DCU, Bautista is picking up where he left his supposedly kid-friendly spy character off. While promoting his current project, M. Night Shyamalan’s Knock at the Cabin, the actor shared information about his next movie.

Also a producer of the first movie in 2020, Bautista says that it particularly is a source of happy memories for him. In his words:

Well I’m definitely gonna do the sequel to My Spy. I know that for sure because we start later next month. So I’m off to South Africa to do that, which I’ve been pushing for a very long time because I love the first film. It was so much fun. So we’re gonna do a sequel to that.

Dave Bautista Is Preparing For My Spy 2

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IMDb lists Peter Segal returning as the director, same with Erich and Jon Hoeber as the sequel’s writers. Currently, only Bautista and Chloe Coleman are on the list under its official cast.

However, people expect that the character Kate, who is Sophie’s mother, will be back as well. This means it’s possible that Parisa Fitz-Henley could be back. That is unless they will recast the character.

Little information is available regarding the sequel except that they will begin filming soon in South Africa. Given that in the first movie, Bautista’s character, JJ, got reinstated at the end, there is a possibility they could be heading off to another mission. This time, Sophie and Kate would be helping JJ with it.

Dave Bautista's Next Movie Is A Surprising Sequel

Credit: Amazon Studios

Chances are that they may be on vacation in South Africa only to find themselves in the middle of a national security situation. And that only the three of them can take on the task of putting things right.

It’s a highly plausible scenario given that this upcoming movie happens after one that also takes after a number of ‘tough guy’ comedy flicks. He’s a ‘tough cookie’ agent who also happens to be all ‘marshmallow’ inside after a child shows him that the world isn’t as dark as he thinks. Yes, that kind of plot.

STX Entertainment, in association with NV Film, will produce the sequel, while STX and Amazon Studios have the rights to distribute. This time, My Spy 2 could possibly have a more stable theatrical run. Something that the first movie did not get to take advantage of.

Dave Bautista Takes My Spy 2 To South Africa

Dave Bautista's Next Movie Is A Surprising Sequel

Credit: Amazon Studios

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Mainly because it’s one of the movies that got severely affected by the restrictions set to control CoViD-19 back in March 2020. It was supposed to premiere in theatres in 2019 but got rescheduled for its release, and the rest is history. Because of the conditions during the release of the first movie, they had to make adjustments to its execution.

The movie soon went to video and streaming through Prime Video. Thus, the worldwide box office is only $7.1M from a production budget of $18M.

However, on November 2020, Variety reported that the first movie actually ranked 3rd in US Top 30 Most Watched Subscription Video On Demand. It even beat Netflix’s Extraction starring Bautista’s fellow Marvel actor Chris Hemsworth, which ranked 4th.

Even though the first movie got mixed reviews, it sure has had quite a good run in the algorithm of the above companies. It’s about to have its sequel as proof. My hope is that the sequel can find its definite identity because a lot of commenters say that it was too much for a younger audience yet too uninteresting for teens and older viewers.

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