The Use Cases For Dedicated IP Addresses In Android VPNs: Gaming, Streaming & More


VPNs (Virtual Private Networks) on Android devices protect your privacy by establishing a secure and private connection to the internet. They create a safe and encrypted tunnel between the Android device and a remote server. VPNs on Android devices protect your online activities from third parties and prying eyes. When you connect to a VPN server, your actual IP address gets hidden, and you’re assigned a new IP address from the server location.

So, where does a dedicated IP address come into the picture, and how can it benefit you? A dedicated IP address is a static IP address assigned explicitly to one device or user instead of shared by multiple users or devices. The addresses don’t get reset or assigned to others. As we explore this guide, we’ll discuss the benefits of dedicated IP addresses, and its many use cases from gaming to streaming, etc. So, if you’re ready, let’s get started.

What Are The Benefits Of Having A Dedicated IP Address?


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Although using a dedicated IP address may cost you a little extra, there are immense benefits to using a dedicated IP address. Some of the significant benefits include:

1) Enhanced Privacy & Security

Dedicated IP addresses add an extra layer of privacy and security, especially for companies and remote employees. If you have a dedicated IP, you are less likely to be affected or targeted by malicious actors compared to shared IPs, which are more susceptible to online attacks.

2) Secure Remote Access

Dedicated IP addresses enable employees working remotely and from different locations to connect to company resources more securely. It gives you control and access to resources and sensitive company data. It keeps confidential company data and resources safe and doesn’t get into the wrong hands.

3) Reduced Risk Of Getting Your IP Blacklisted

Shared IP addresses can get blacklisted, mainly if a user engages in malicious or spammy activities. If websites on your server engage in illegal activities such as sending spam or spreading malware or viruses, the search engines can block your website. With a dedicated IP address, you have more control over your online activities and, thus, are less likely to get blacklisted.

4) Faster Access

A dedicated IP address can sometimes lead to faster website access and online services. Since you’re using a dedicated IP, you don’t have to share resources with others, which results in quicker response times. Dedicated IPs also enable you to build a file transfer protocol (FTP) server to share files within an organization. Private FTP servers offer enhanced protection and a faster file transfer rate.

5) SSL Certificates

If you’re running an eCommerce store or want to make secure transactions online, for which you require an SSL certificate, you can only do that with a dedicated IP address. SSL certificates are usually tied to specific IP addresses for the purposes of encryption.

When Can You Use A Dedicated IP?


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As we mentioned, dedicated IP addresses enhance your privacy and security and can help protect you against cyber attacks. There are also other scenarios where using a dedicated IP address can prove to be helpful:

  • Creating autonomy on shared servers.
  • Enhanced security on secure servers.
  • To avoid CAPTCHAS caused by shared VPN addresses.
  • You can use a dedicated IP with a VPN to unblock geo-restricted content that uses VPN blockers.
  • Use a dedicated IP to work remotely and securely connect to your organization’s servers.

An important thing to note is that you can use a free VPN with a dedicated IP if the VPN provider doesn’t log or keep a record of your data. Using a dedicated IP address with a free VPN is safe in that case. A Dedicated IP VPN allows you to take your privacy and security to the next level.

What Are The Use Cases For A Dedicated IP?


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Due to their benefits, dedicated IP addresses have use cases across different industries and applications. Here are the most common use cases:

1) Online Gaming

For a seamless gaming experience, dedicated servers require a dedicated IP address to maintain a stable connection and achieve low latency to improve and enhance the gaming experience. Low latency reduces lags and minimizes interruptions, adding to an enjoyable experience for avid gamers.

2) Accessing Geo-restricted Content

Popular streaming platforms like Hulu, Max, and Amazon Prime are geo-restricted and limit their content depending on the location. By using a dedicated IP address located in a different region or country, you can bypass geolocation restrictions and gain access to a wide variety of content.

3) Business VPNs

Many organizations use dedicated IP addresses in their VPN infrastructure. These dedicated IPs ensure secure access to internal and confidential company resources for remote employees and clients while maintaining a consistent and reliable connection.

4) Streaming

Dedicated IPs can provide a more stable streaming experience. With a shared IP, the connection quality can vary depending on how many users share the same IP and their online activities. When using a dedicated IP, your streaming traffic is not affected by others.

Secondly, a dedicated IP enhances your streaming experience by reducing buffering and lags, offering a dedicated route for your streaming data. Since the best streaming experience requires a fast and stable connection so that there’s no buffering, a dedicated IP address helps reduce congestion and latency.

5) Email Marketing

Dedicated IP addresses are beneficial for email marketing campaigns. Since shared IPs are susceptible to spammy and other illegal activities, they can cause damage to the reputation of a legitimate email marketing campaign or ruin the credibility of your business email.

Final Thoughts on Dedicated IP Addresses In Android VPNs


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A dedicated IP address offers many benefits to individuals and users alike. And the common reason that benefits both parties is security and privacy. A dedicated IP address makes it less likely for you to fall victim to cyberattacks.

Also, it enables any websites you create to get blacklisted since you’re not using a shared IP, where you’re not personally responsible for the online activities of other users. The next step is to choose a reliable VPN provider for your Android device that assigns you a dedicated IP address to avail of its many benefits.

What do you make of this feature? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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