A Deadpool And Venom Crossover Movie Reportedly Being Discussed At Sony Pictures And Marvel Studios

It’s being rumoured that a Deadpool and Venom crossover movie is currently in discussions over at Marvel and Sony Pictures.

This rumour comes from We Got This Covered, so maybe take it with a pinch of salt.

However, this is the sort of thing that could happen now that Marvel and Sony Pictures have started working together.

It can also happen now after Disney acquisition of 20th Century Fox.

That means that they now have control of the Deadpool and X-Men characters again.

Therefore, they could very easily get the ball rolling on a Venom and Deadpool crossover movie.

There’s also the fact that the two characters would work brilliant on-screen together.

A Venom and Deadpool crossover could be coming


Credit: Marvel Studios

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Personally, I do love this idea.

Imagine Ryan Reynolds and Tom Hardy in the same movie.

That would be so good, and I think they would work really well together.

The characters would also work well together on-screen.

I also wonder whether the next Venom movie will be a lot better than the first.

It’s being directed by Andy Serkis and I think he’s a terrific director.

With this whole COVID-19 pandemic, Sony Pictures has opted to push the movie into 2021.

Fingers crossed the movie will come out, be good and then Sony and Marvel decide to go ahead with the Deadpool and Venom crossover film.

What do you make of this rumour?

Would you like to see Deadpool and Venom crossover in a movie?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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