Deadpool 3’s Main Villain May Have Been Revealed And He Could Be A Fan-Favourite

There are rumours that Deadpool 3’s villain might be a fan-favourite character, and it’s been revealed that it could be Madcap.

According to We Got This Covered’s sources, Deadpool 3 will feature Madcap as one of its main villains.

Madcap is a bit of a fan favourite and I’m pretty sure many Marvel Comics enthusiasts will be happy to hear that Madcap is being brought in the movies.

He was created by Mark Gruenwald and Paul Neary and first appeared in 1985 in the Captain America comics.

When describing what Madcap was all about, Gruenwald stated: “Madcap represents purposelessness, the disaffected youth of today who thinks ‘What’s the reason for doing anything?’ The ultimate dropout generation.”

His origins story is a pretty traumatising one. Madcap started life as a devoutly religious young man.

That all changed one day when he was on the way to a picnic with his family and church community.

Their bus ends up colliding with a  tanker truck full of something called Compound X07.

This was an experimental nerve agent developed by A.I.M..

Deadpool 3’s main villain might be Madcap


Madcap could be the main villain in Deadpool 3 – Credit: Marvel Comics

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Everyone on the bus, including his parents and sister, are killed, apart from him.

His body ends up mixing with the Compound and after he’d told of the deaths of his friends and family, his mind shatters and his belief in a rational universe is swept away.

Thus Madcap is created and he discovers that he now has healing powers and the ability to induce insanity in people.

In the comics, Madcap and Deadpool have some pretty epic battles.

Madcap even ends up being one of the voices in Deadpool’s head, so it’ll be really interesting to see how they’ll bring that into the movie.

The fact that Madcap is going to be involved in Deadpool 3 has me really excited to see the movie.

He’s a great villain and foil for Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool.

I wonder who’ll they’ll get to play the role.

Who do you think should play Madcap in Deadpool 3?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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