Marvel Studios Is Reportedly Planning To Release Deadpool 3 With R-Rating

It’s being rumoured that Deadpool 3 is still coming out and that Marvel Studios is planning on releasing the movie with an R-Rating.

Deadpool 3’s been in a bit of a strange place over the last few years

Basically, ever since Disney took over 20th Century Fox the Deadpool movies have been in limbo.

The reason for this state of uncertainty is because Disney does not make R-rated movies.

If a Deadpool 3 movie was to be made, then it would have to be R-rated.

The first two movies made it very clear that you can’t do Deadpool and not have it be R-rated.

That’s part of the comic book movie’s franchise so compelling to so many people.

However, it seems as though Marvel Studios is going to be releasing R-rated movies, including Deadpool 3.

Deadpool 3 might be getting an R-rating with Marvel Studios


Credit: Marvel Studios

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This news comes from Geekosity, who claims that Disney and Marvel Studios are going to start making R-rated movies.

Honestly, it’s about time.

The Marvel movies have, up until now, been made to be viewed by as many people as possible.

Marvel and in particular Disney does not like the idea of making a film that not everybody can watch.

They see it as cutting into potential revenue.

They have a point.

That said, there’s also the fact that movies like the Deadpool films need to be R-rated.

They can’t be made otherwise.

Hopefully, they’ve seen the big profits the Deadpool movies have made and think there’s benefit in making more of them.

What do you make of this news?

Are you looking forward to watching Marvel Studios’ Deadpool 3?

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