David Lynch Came Close To Directing A Star Trek Movie


In a parallel universe where the surreal meets the sci-fi, acclaimed filmmaker David Lynch could have been at the helm of a Star Trek movie. According to Patrick Stewart, the beloved actor who portrayed Captain Jean-Luc Picard in the Star Trek franchise, Lynch was suggested as a potential director for the 1998 film Star Trek: Insurrection. However, despite Stewart’s endorsement, the suggestion was not heeded, and the director’s chair went to Jonathan Frakes.

David Lynch, known for his distinctive and often surreal filmmaking style, has directed a range of critically acclaimed films, including Eraserhead, Blue Velvet, and Mulholland Drive. His unique vision could have brought an entirely new dimension to the Star Trek universe. However, the prospect of a David Lynch Star Trek movie remains a tantalising ‘what if’.

The Star Trek That Could Have Been


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Patrick Stewart’s Vision

Patrick Stewart, who has a long-standing relationship with the Star Trek franchise, reportedly suggested David Lynch as a potential director for Star Trek: Insurrection. According to Josh Horowitz, who runs the podcast Happy Sad Confused, Stewart’s suggestions were not well-received. It’s not hard to see why Paramount might have been hesitant to bring Lynch on board. His films, known for their surreal and often supernatural elements, are a far cry from the more grounded sci-fi of Star Trek.

The Plot of Star Trek: Insurrection

Despite the initial hesitation, the plot of Star Trek: Insurrection could have been a good fit for Lynch’s unique style. The film revolves around a group of aliens trying to harness the healing power of a planet that renders its inhabitants immortal. The inhabitants of the planet possess seemingly supernatural powers, a theme that Lynch has often explored in his films.

The Actual Director of Star Trek: Insurrection


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 Jonathan Frakes at the Helm

Despite Stewart’s suggestion, the director’s chair for Star Trek: Insurrection went to Jonathan Frakes, who played William Riker in Star Trek: The Next Generation. Frakes had previously directed the well-received Star Trek: First Contact, making him a safe choice for the studio. However, despite his previous success, Star Trek: Insurrection was met with mixed reviews and a disappointing box office return.

David Lynch’s Other Sci-Fi Ventures

While a David Lynch Star Trek movie remains a tantalising prospect, it’s not the only major sci-fi property that Lynch could have directed. George Lucas reportedly approached Lynch to direct Return of the Jedi in the 80s. However, Lynch declined the offer and instead began working on the 1984 adaptation of Dune. Patrick Stewart, who appeared in Lynch’s Dune, has spoken highly of the film, suggesting that its poor reputation is undeserved.

The Legacy of Star Trek and David Lynch


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While Star Trek and David Lynch might seem like an unlikely pairing, both have left an indelible mark on the world of film and television. Star Trek has become a cultural phenomenon, inspiring multiple television series, films, and a dedicated fanbase. David Lynch, on the other hand, has become synonymous with surreal and boundary-pushing filmmaking, earning a devoted following of his own.

Final Thoughts on a David Lynch Star Trek movie


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The prospect of a David Lynch Star Trek movie is a fascinating one, offering a glimpse into an alternate reality where the surreal and the sci-fi collide. While we may never see this vision realised, the story serves as a reminder of the endless possibilities of cinema. As we continue to explore new frontiers in film and television, who knows what unexpected collaborations might lie ahead? For now, the idea of a David Lynch Star Trek movie remains a tantalising ‘what if’, a testament to the boundless potential of the imagination. Whether you’re a fan of Star Trek, David Lynch, or both, this story is a reminder that in the world of film, anything is possible.

What do you make of this news? Would you have liked to have seen a Star Trek movie directed by David Lynch? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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