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David Lynch’s Dune 2 Script Has Been Discovered And It’s Crazy


In a remarkable discovery that has stirred the sci-fi community, the script for David Lynch’s unmade Dune 2 film has been unearthed, revealing a vision for the sequel that is as wild and imaginative as one might expect from the acclaimed director (via Wired). Known for his surreal and often enigmatic storytelling, Lynch’s take on the Dune sequel, based on Frank Herbert’s legendary sci-fi novels, promises a cinematic experience that could have been extraordinarily unique.

While fans are currently anticipating Dune: Part Two from director Denis Villeneuve, the discovery of Lynch’s script for Dune 2 offers a glimpse into an alternative universe where Lynch continued his adaptation of Herbert’s work. His 1984 film, though met with mixed reviews, has since gained a cult following for its ambitious and idiosyncratic approach to the source material.

The Script’s Wild Content


Credit: Universal Studios

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A Surreal Opening

The script begins with a scene that immediately sets the tone for Lynch’s unique vision: the resurrection of Duncan Idaho by Baron Harkonnen’s doctor, who is revealed to be the shapeshifter Scytale. This opening sequence, set on the dark metal world of Tleilax, is filled with Lynch’s signature style, including “canals of steaming chemicals and acids” and “dead pink small test tube animals.”

Eccentric Villains and Bizarre Scenes

Lynch’s script features the Bene Tleilaxu as Scytale’s partners in crime, with one particularly bizarre scene involving the villain singing a strange song through the mouths of 18 different heads strung together. This level of surrealism, coupled with exploding dogs and shrinking characters, suggests a sequel that would have pushed the boundaries of sci-fi cinema.

Deviations from the Book


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Creative Liberties with the Source Material

Lynch’s Dune 2 script takes several creative liberties with Herbert’s Dune Messiah, the book on which the film was to be based. Notably, the script features the Baron’s brother, Abulurd Harkonnen II, a character absent from the main narrative of the Dune books, indicating Lynch’s fondness for the Harkonnen family and his desire to keep them central to the story.

Lynch’s Unique Interpretations

The script also includes over-the-top moments like Alia, proposed to be played by Jennifer Jason Leigh, having a naked swordfight with a robot. Lynch’s vision for Paul Atreides’ throne room as “the largest room in the universe” with a “solid gold ten-mile-long approach passageway” further exemplifies his grandiose and imaginative approach.

Final Thoughts on this Dune 2 script


Credit: Universal Studios

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The Unmade Masterpiece

David Lynch’s script for Dune 2 stands as a fascinating what-if in the annals of sci-fi cinema. While the film never came to fruition, the script alone is a testament to Lynch’s unbridled creativity and his ability to envision a world that is both deeply rooted in Herbert’s universe and wildly divergent in its execution. The script’s discovery allows fans and scholars alike to ponder the possibilities of a Dune sequel that could have been a landmark in surreal filmmaking, offering a unique blend of the director’s visionary style and Herbert’s rich sci-fi landscape.

A Glimpse into Lynch’s Creative Mind

The unearthed script provides a rare glimpse into the creative mind of David Lynch, particularly his approach to adapting complex literary works. It reveals his willingness to take bold risks and his flair for infusing classic narratives with his own distinctive artistic sensibilities. This script, with its unconventional scenes and characters, could have offered a unique cinematic experience, further cementing Lynch’s status as a visionary filmmaker.

Lynch’s Lasting Impact on Sci-Fi

Though we may never see Lynch’s vision for Dune 2 on the big screen, the script serves as a reminder of his unique contribution to the sci-fi genre. His interpretation of Dune remains a polarising yet undeniably influential work, and this newly discovered script adds another layer to the legacy of both Lynch and the Dune saga. As fans continue to debate and dissect Lynch’s approach, the script for Dune 2 will undoubtedly fuel further discussions about one of sci-fi’s most enigmatic filmmakers.

The Legacy of What Could Have Been

In the end, David Lynch’s Dune 2 script is not just a piece of lost film history; it’s a symbol of the endless possibilities of storytelling and adaptation. It challenges conventional filmmaking norms and encourages a reimagining of how sci-fi stories can be told on screen. The script’s wild and imaginative content serves as a reminder of the power of creative freedom in cinema and the enduring appeal of the Dune universe. It leaves us with a tantalising question: what if Lynch had been able to bring his full vision for Dune 2 to life?

What do you make of this news? Would you like to see David Lynch get to make this version of Dune 2? We’d love to hear from you.

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