Daniel Radcliffe Is Reportedly In Talks To Star In Marvel’s Moon Knight Series On Disney Plus

Moon Knight is quickly becoming one of my most anticipated upcoming Marvel projects. It was revealed by Kevin Feige that they are working on a Moon Knight TV show which will air on Disney Plus.

The Marvel Comics character has been a bit of a cult favourite for quite some time now, and fans were over the ‘moon’ (sorry) to find out that they were going to be making a TV show about the superhero.

He’s basically Marvel’s answer to Batman, only more mystical. It’s now been revealed that Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe is in discussions to star as the titular character, which would be an odd bit of casting if you ask me.

The news comes from Daniel Richtman, who does have a few noteworthy scoops from time to time, especially as far as the MCU is concerned.

He posted on his Patreon page that, “Daniel Radcliffe is one name in the mix for Moon Knight.”

Now, it has to be made perfectly clear that Radcliffe hasn’t been cast in the series just yet, but he is in the mix among many other actors for the role.

Is Daniel Radcliffe really up to play Moon Knight in the Disney Plus TV show?

Moon Knight crossing paths with Spider-Man

Moon Knight crossing paths with Spider-Man. Could this happen in the Disney Plus TV show? – Credit: Marvel Comics

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If they were to go with Radcliffe, I’m pretty sure fans will have something to say about it, however, I like the idea of some left-field casting, and this would definitely be that.

Would the man who once played the bespectacled Harry Potter be the right person to play Marc Spector a.k.a. Moon Knight? I’m going to be honest, I highly doubt it.

That said, Marvel Studios have been very good at making sure they cast the right person for their superhero movies.

The likelihood would be that they could do what they did Ton Hiddleston, who initially auditioned for Thor, and they ended up casting him as Loki.

Perhaps Radcliffe would make an excellent Marvel villain?

What do you guys think? Would Daniel Radcliffe make a good Moon Knight? Let us know in the comments below.

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