Connected TV Advertising – New Opportunities For Growth And Improvement

The year 2020 started with numerous historical events that happened in three short months.

One of them is the global game-changer, coronavirus pandemic.

This phenomenon influenced all spheres of our life.

Today, the virus slowly backs down, but its consequences are here to stay. 

During the COVID-19 lockdown, business met numerous challenges that required rapid reactions.

Companies that failed to react fast enough didn’t survive.

The pause of public gathering and stay-at-home orders changed the way we think of services.

That was a real challenge for business.

However, risks and extremal circumstances are perfect for development.

Namely, CTV / OTT services were among the few lucky ones to whom COVID brought prosperity.

Locked cinemas and theatres encouraged people to watch more TV.

Staying at home without entertainment and information is torture; therefore, viewers watched online shows more often than ever.

Pandemic brought CTV content to the frontline.

People discovered a more convenient and personalized way of watching TV, so it is not very likely that they will come back to something less winning, like a traditional one.

No wonder, CTV advertising attracted special attention: people chose this channel more eagerly than any other.

Isn’t it a good idea to place your promotions in front of millions of eyes that already focused on the screen? 

The Components of a Successful CTV Campaign

CTV is changing TV advertising

CTV is changing TV advertising – Credit: Pexels

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So, digital content on-demand takes over users’ screens rapidly.

Like with COVID-19, advertisers and entrepreneurs need to hurry up and jump in a moving train to keep up with the changing world.

How to stay on board? Switch to CTV

One of the best things about CTV video advertising is high personalization: you reach the right audience instead of shooting in the dark.

This increases your revenue and brand awareness.

The enormous number of  CTV channels make this task easier than ever – this environment allows advertisers to deliver ad messages to the right place.

Your audience is already watching the content on CTV, so you just need to show up and voila – you take pride of place.

  • Choose the best format

Unlike commercials on traditional TV, digital video ads allow marketers to experiment with different formats.

Considering the fact that a huge part of CTV content consists of streams, such format as pause video catches on with advertisers: users are already immersed in watching content, and your ad appears in the middle of the process.

The best benefit of this format is that you don’t have to struggle for users’ attention – they are consciously streaming the content.

Another trending format is QR code ads. An ad-tech platform as The ViewPoint helps advertisers implement QR code ads into their creative strategies, which helps users get to their websites and marketplaces immediately. 

  • Define the best time

Choose the optimal time for your ads to increase the view rate.

Considering your audience’s preferences, age, and leisure time, you have a chance to reach out to them with your advertisements when they are most relaxed and ready to make a purchase.

CTV technologies allow you to do that. For instance, geo-fencing technology helps you catch the attention of your potential customers by offering something they are looking for at the best moment.

You can track their location and target CTV households within a particular area!

  • Analyze 

Analysis and measurement help you make optimizations and optimize the processes.

To open more CTV advertising opportunities, study users’ preferences, behavioural patterns, and lifestyle (remember, that they can change with time, so this is not a one-time procedure).

When you are informed, you targeting capabilities grow. It is hard to deny that meaningful and personalized ads lead to higher ROI.


Watching TV advertising is changing

Watching TV advertising is changing – Credit: Pexels

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CTV is an excellent advertising channel that is worth your attention.

The best time to catch up with this new technology is now, during the era of lockdowns, epidemics, and global changes.

People are getting used to online content as never before, so hoist your sail when the wind is fair!

CTV allows you to deliver quality and personalized ads, which increase user engagement and loyalty.

When your ads are meaningful, you don’t have to use evasions – people will naturally get interested in your offers.

The right platform, channel, audience, time, and constant analysis can do magic.

Consider CTV as an environment for your promotions and open new earning opportunities for your brand! 

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