Christopher Nolan Reportedly In Talks With Marvel To Direct An MCU Movie

It’s being reported that Christopher Nolan is currently in talks with Marvel Studios in order to direct an upcoming MCU movie.

This report comes from Giant Freakin Robot and it would be incredible if it’s true.

One thing I will say is that without a shadow of a doubt Nolan has met with Disney.

Why, you ask? Because Nolan is basically on the market now after he left Warner Bros. Pictures following their decision to release their 2021 blockbusters on HBO Max.

He and many other filmmakers were livid with the movie studio for taking that decision without consulting the filmmakers or actors on the matter.

So, he would now be looking for a new studio to work with, and the obvious contender is Disney, and Disney owns Marvel Studios.

Chris Nolan rumoured to be in talks with Marvel Studios to direct an MCU movie

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Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

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Here is what Giant Freakin Robot had to say on the matter:

According to our trusted inside source (…) Christopher Nolan has had talks with the powers-that-be at Marvel Studios to direct a film. Our source could not say what particular project this could be, but only that there has been some kind of meeting between Nolan and the studio.

What do you make of this rumour?

Do you think Christopher Nolan is really in talks to direct an MCU movie?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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