Charlize Theron Gives Disappointing MCU Update


Charlize Theron entered the MCU as Clea at the mid-credit scene of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, promising a future of mysticism. As fans expect, Marvel Studios seemed to be cooking up a few storylines leading to the conclusion of the Multiverse Saga.

Theron’s Clea mentioned an incursion and needed Benedict Cumberbatch’s Doctor Stephen Strange to fix it. The movie ended with Doctor Strange entering the Dark Dimension with his third eye open together with Clea.

Interestingly so, the comic book pages show that Clea will eventually be Doctor Strange’s wife. In their story, Clea is Strange’s equal in all aspects of power. Even in the only scene where she appeared in the movie, she immediately challenged the former Sorcerer Supreme about fear in fixing the incursion that he inadvertently caused. This was when Strange declared he wasn’t even the least bit afraid.

Unfortunately, not much has been heard from the studio about whether they are moving forward with this arc for Doctor Strange since last year. In a red carpet interview with Theron, fans watched whether she had some hints as to what is to come, only to be disappointed with her reply.

Charlize Theron Disappoints Fans On Her MCU Update

READ MORE: Fantastic Four The Thing Role Reportedly Offered To This Actor reports that Charlize Theron had a disappointing update through a red carpet encounter with Josh Horowitz, as posted on his Twitter account. Horowitz asked the actress what was up at the MCU for her or if there were any updates as to the development of Clea in Marvel. He asked:

Do we know the plan? Do you know when you’ll be popping up next?

To which Theron replied:

I don’t. No, I haven’t gotten a call. I’ve not gotten a- Is that bad? Is that bad? Is that bad? No, I’m not lying… I haven’t gotten a call. Is that bad?

Apart from not knowing what is to come, the actress also implies that not many people know what could be going on in Marvel these days.

Marvel Studios has a reputation for keeping projects in development tightly sealed. Perhaps, it is only safe to say that studio President Kevin Feige is the only person who knows what’s up. We even had a recent report that because of his input for an upcoming new series on Disney Plus, the Echo series, production ended up having to do reshoots because he deemed it “unreleasable”.

Charlize Theron Gives Disappointing MCU Update

Credit: Marvel Studios

Clea’s only existing scene in the movie piqued the interest of fans of the character and gave them the idea that future instalments of Doctor Strange will involve Clea. In an interview with Vanity Fair last year, Doctor Strange 2 writer Michael Waldron talked about Charlize Theron’s mystical character in the movie. He said:

I was thrilled to introduce her as Clea. Clea has been Strange’s counterpart in the comics for a long time. She’s an amazing sorcerer. She’s also his great love; she’s his wife at one point.

The writer also said that Clea coming into Strange’s life was perfect as of that moment. He shared:

We had to conclude his story with Christine Palmer—Rachel McAdams’s character—first, and at the end of that Strange walks away with this wisdom. He’s been able to face his fears and not be afraid to love somebody or let somebody love him.

During the interview, even the writer promised more about Stephen and Clea’s relationship in the future. He disclosed:

I think that’s the perfect place for him to be mentally to finally meet Clea, who’s gonna be a really important figure in his life moving forward.

Charlize Theron’s MCU Update Was Awkward


Credit: Marvel Studios

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Whether Marvel Studios is moving forward with this storyline for Doctor Stephen Strange, it should only be right that they first resolve the cliffhanger they introduced in his last movie. Thus, it is inevitable that audiences will get to see Clea again.

Hopefully, she will still be portrayed by Charlize Theron.

The actress is an Academy Award winner for her performance as the lead role of Aileen in Patty Jenkins’ biography crime drama Monster. On top of the Oscar win in 2004, Theron has amassed more than 60 wins in acting awards and more than a hundred nominations from various prestigious organizations, including Primetime Emmys, BAFTA, SAG, Golden Globe and many more.

Meanwhile, even without many updates as Clea in the MCU, Theron is definitely busy with other projects. Two titles with her name as the lead actor are coming up in different stages of production. These are The Old Guard 2 and Atomic Blonde 2.

Doctor Strange 1 and 2 are available to stream on Disney Plus.

What do you make of this update or non-update from Charlize Theron about her role as Clea in the MCU? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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