Charlie Cox Had A Terrible Spider-Man: No Way Home Screening Experience


Charlie Cox has revealed how he had a pretty awful time watching Spider-Man: No Way Home and it all sounds rather heartbreaking.

We here at Small Screen were over the moon when it we finally got to see Charlie Cox return as Matt Murdock in the latest Spider-Man movie.

However, the British actor revealed during a recent interview with Radio Times that when he was watching the movie in a packed-cinema, there wasn’t a word or whoop or anything during his cameo as the lawyer, Matt Murdock.

Here’s what Charlie Cox had to say of the whole ordeal:

It’s funny, I got so many text messages and so many calls about that moment in the cinema. My nephew sent me a recording of everyone cheering,. So I snuck into a movie theater near where I live and literally stood in the corridor… and, sadly, my experience was it was dead f*cking quiet! I was so disappointed – my wife was with me and she was recording me, because it’d be fun to have that moment of everyone cheering, and then… tumbleweed!

Charlie Cox’s Spider-Man: No Way Home screening experience is heartbreaking

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Honestly, this sounds insane to me, because when I saw the movie in a packed cinema here in France, there were cheers, whoops and claps when Matt Murdock appeared on-screen.

It was one of the best moments of the movie and you could tell that audiences loved it.

I wonder which cinema Charlie Cox when to see the movie in?

Maybe it was full of people who knew nothing about the MCU or hadn’t watched the Netflix Marvel TV shows?

What do you make of this news?

Are you as shocked as we are to hear Charlie Cox’s sad Spider-Man: No Way Home screening experience?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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