The Celebrities Who Love To Play Blackjack And Are Good At It


Blackjack is among the most popular card games worldwide, attracting a wide range of players. Contrary to the misconception that only mathematical geniuses or experienced card players can enjoy blackjack, anyone can play and have fun with the game. The rise of online casinos has further contributed to its popularity, allowing people to play from the comfort of their homes.

Interestingly, blackjack has also captured the attention of many celebrities who enjoy placing bets on the game to win money or for fun. Let’s take a look at a few notable stars who have shown their love for blackjack:

Ben Affleck Loves A Game Of Blackjack


Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

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Ben Affleck, the multi-talented actor, director, and producer, is not only famous for his roles in Hollywood blockbusters but also for his keen interest in the blackjack game. Affleck has made headlines for his prowess in card counting, a blackjack strategy that involves keeping track of the cards played.

His love for the game is well-known, and he has been spotted at various casinos trying his luck at blackjack tables. Affleck’s involvement in blackjack has added a touch of glamour and brought attention to celebrity gambling. His competitive spirit and strategic approach to the game make him a fascinating figure in celebrity blackjack.

50 Cent Is A Very Good Blackjack Player


Credit: Paramount Vantage

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Grammy Award-winning rapper and entrepreneur 50 Cent is known for his love of gambling. He has made considerable profits from blackjack. The celebrity encouraged more people to play mobile blackjack after he launched a Facebook game known as 50 Cent’s Blackjack in 2012.

Don Johnson is a terrific player


Credit: Sony Pictures

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Don Johnson played the role of an undercover detective in Miami Vice. While Don might not be a popular actor in Hollywood today, he has been making a name for himself in the gambling world. He is a certified winner who has made over $15 million at the Tropicana Casino in Atlantic City.

Shannon Elizabeth has participated in Blackjack tournaments


Credit: Dimension Films

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Shannon Elizabeth, best known for her role in the American Pie film series, is a Hollywood beauty and a blackjack enthusiast. Elizabeth has actively participated in blackjack tournaments, showcasing her passion for the game.

Her presence in these tournaments adds a touch of glamour and charm to the world of celebrity blackjack. Elizabeth’s competitive spirit and dedication to blackjack have made her a respected figure among game fans and the entertainment industry.

Matt Damon is also a lover of blackjack


Credit: Universal Pictures

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Matt Damon shares an enthusiasm for blackjack alongside his close friend Ben Affleck. His interest in the game grew while filming the casino movie Rounders in 1998. Damon and Affleck have been spotted at high-stakes blackjack tables, with one memorable night at the Seminole Hard Rock Casino, where they won almost a million dollars.

Michael Jordan is a talented player


Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures


Last on the list is the legendary basketball player Michael Jordan. Known for his competitiveness on and off the court, Jordan has been seen frequenting expensive casinos and trying his luck at blackjack.

Final Thoughts

Seeing how blackjack attracts people from various backgrounds, including celebrities, is fascinating. However, it’s important to remember that responsible gambling is crucial, and one should always play within their means.

What do you make of this feature? Are you a fan of the game, and are you good at playing it?