Bruce Willis’ Big Return As John McClane Was For A Die Hard Car Batteries Commercial

We all got a bit overly excited about Bruce Willis coming back as John McClane because it turns out it was all for a Die Hard car batteries ad.

So, last night people got a bit carried away.

I might have been one of them.

They got a bit carried away because there was a teaser released by Rumer Willis on Twitter which seemed to be teasing the return of Bruce Willis as John McClane.

Many of us thought this might be a teaser for a new Die Hard movie.

However, imagine our disappointment when it turned out to be all for an ad.

The ad was for Die Hard car batteries and it wasn’t great.

Yep, Bruce Willis is selling Die Hard car batteries

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It featured a very deadpan Bruce Willis as Jon McClane from the Die Hard movies trying to find car batteries.

During his search, he’s then attacked for some reason by a bunch of supposedly bad guys.

The best part of this commercial was seeing De’voreaux White return as the limbo driver Argyle from the first Die Hard movie.

People online have been calling for them to make another movie now.

However, Bruce Willis’ performance in these movies has just worse and worse.

This trailer was probably not quite his worst outing as John McClane, but it didn’t get me in the mood for more.

What do you make of this news?

Were you as upset as I was to see that it was all for a Die Hard car batteries car commercial?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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