Bright 2 Is Still In The Works At Netflix Say Writer And Director David Ayer

What’s been going on with Bright 2? Honestly, I have no idea. We haven’t really heard anything about the movie since Netflix revealed that they have greenlit a sequel to 2017’s Bright.

The movie, as far as I’m concerned, was a total dud of a film. It didn’t make any sense and was borderline offensive.

However, it did very well on the streaming service, so well, in fact, that they thought it would be a good idea to make another one.

David Ayer was hired to direct the movie, but the movie hasn’t gone into production yet over at Netflix.

However, despite the radio silence, Ayer’s now come out to reveal that the movie is still in the works at Netflix, which means that Bright’s large fanbase should be happy.

What’s going on with Bright 2?

Bright Review Will Smith Joel Edgerton

Will Smith and Joel Egerton in Bright – Credit: Netflix

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Here’s what he said whilst at TCA this week after asked the writer/director what’s going on with Bright 2:

Still in development. We’re working on it so hopefully we’ll be able to mount that up soon.

It’s a great opportunity for all of us to explore the world more. I think people felt like there was a lot of doorways to explore. People were like, ‘Tell us about the dragon. Tell us about this, the history.’ So it’s a very rich world and I think we’re going to drill down some more.

That said, Bright 2 is still in a state of flux and its future is uncertain despite Ayer’s claims that it is still moving forward.

Bright 2 was actually supposed to start shooting in 2019, but that never happened.

Bright star Lucy Fry revealed to back in September of last year that the 2019 production date was ultimately delayed because of conflicts in Smith’s schedule.

“We were going to do it this year, and then it didn’t happen because of Will’s schedule,” Fry said.

“And I really hope they do another one because I had so much fun making that movie. So, I just hope we get to do it again.”

Are you looking forward to Bright 2 and do you hope Netflix will make the movie?

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