Bridgerton Star Is Blaming Netflix For Psychotic Breaks


In a startling revelation, Ruby Barker, known for her role as Marina in the hit Netflix series Bridgerton, has come forward with claims of experiencing severe mental health issues during her time on the show. Barker’s allegations, which include accusations of neglect and lack of support from Netflix and the production company Shondaland, have shed light on the darker aspects of working in the high-pressure environment of a globally successful series.

Barker’s experience, as reported in a recent interview on the LOAF Podcast, highlights the immense strain that actors can face, especially when thrust into the limelight of a blockbuster show like Bridgerton. Her story raises serious questions about the responsibilities of production companies and streaming services in supporting their cast’s mental health.

The Pressure of Stardom


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Barker’s Struggle with Mental Health

Ruby Barker’s journey with Bridgerton was not just a path to stardom but also a road filled with personal challenges. According to Barker, the pressure of working on such a high-profile project led to a significant deterioration in her mental health. This culminated in what she described as “psychotic breaks,” eventually requiring hospitalization.

Netflix’s Alleged Indifference

Barker alleges that her mental health issues were largely ignored by Netflix and Shondaland, with more focus on the potential impact on the show’s premiere rather than her well-being. This claim, if true, paints a concerning picture of the industry’s priorities, where the success of a show can overshadow the health of its stars.

The Role of Marina


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Life Imitating Art

Barker’s character, Marina, in Bridgerton, faced her own set of challenges, including an unplanned pregnancy that turned her life upside down. This parallel between the character’s struggles and Barker’s own experiences adds a poignant layer to her performance, one that was perhaps unnoticed by viewers but deeply felt by the actress herself.

The Impact of Character Alienation

The alienation that Marina experienced on the show, as Barker describes, mirrored her own feelings of isolation during the production. This sense of being an outsider, both on-screen and off, contributed to her mental health struggles, highlighting the often-overlooked emotional toll of acting.

Bridgerton’s Success and Its Cost


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A Global Phenomenon

Since its premiere in December 2020, Bridgerton has become a global sensation, marking a significant achievement for Shondaland and Netflix. The show’s blend of period drama and modern sensibilities struck a chord with audiences worldwide, earning it numerous award nominations.

The Price of Fame

However, the success of Bridgerton came at a cost, at least for Barker. The sudden fame and the intense scrutiny that comes with being part of such a popular show can be overwhelming, a reality that Barker’s experience brings to the fore.

Looking Ahead


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The Future of Bridgerton

With Bridgerton set to release its third season in 2024, the show continues to be a flagship series for Netflix. However, Barker’s revelations might prompt a reevaluation of how cast members are supported, especially in light of the intense demands of production.

The Industry’s Responsibility

The entertainment industry, particularly in high-stakes projects like Bridgerton, must prioritize the mental health of its actors. Barker’s experience serves as a crucial reminder of the human cost behind the glitz and glamour of show business.

Final Thoughts on Bridgerton


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Ruby Barker’s candid account of her struggles while working on Bridgerton is a wake-up call for the entertainment industry. It underscores the need for better support systems for actors, particularly those new to the pressures of fame. As Bridgerton continues to captivate audiences, one hopes that the industry takes heed of Barker’s experience and works towards a more supportive and empathetic environment for its stars.

The revelations by Ruby Barker about her time on Bridgerton not only shed light on her personal struggles but also open up a broader conversation about mental health in the entertainment industry. It’s a reminder that behind every character is a real person, facing real challenges, deserving of real support.

What do you make of this news? Are you worried about Ruby Barker, and do you think Netflix is to blame for her struggles?

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