Box Office Update: The Reign Of The Batman Continues


Warner Bros Pictures’ The Batman ran pretty much unopposed at the box office for the second weekend in a row and grossed an extra £5m ($6.5m) in the UK for an overall gross of £18.08m with a drop of around 40% from the past weekend.

Worldwide the DC Comics film stands close to £356 ($465m) with a 42% drop over the weekend, the film opened in Japan and grossed £2.45m ($3.2m).

Outside the US the UK is still the leader, with Mexico behind on £15.8 ($20.2m) and Australia with £12.8 ($16.7m).

The film is due to release in China on Friday but may suffer the effects of Covid shutdowns which have affected some theatres in China as they attempt to snaffle out local outbreaks.

The biggest news weekend is perhaps that Universal Pictures, Sing 2 passed the £770m ($1 billion) marker this weekend, the UK once again showing strength with a £33m ($42m) total adding another £600k ($780k) this weekend.

An animated family film grossing that figure has got to put huge confidence in studios such as Universal and Disney going forward as a sign that families are returning to the cinema and at a huge profit.

The Batman stays on the top of the UK box office

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Credit: Warner Bros Pictures

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With The Batman in at number once again, Uncharted took second spot with an additional £821k ($1.07m) in revenue over 487 sites.

Sing 2 took 4th spot with The Duke hitting 5th adding £371k ($484k) for a total of £2.91m ($3.81m) so far in the UK.

In third place was the special event release from Trafalgar bringing in K Pop band, BTS  in Permission to Dance – Seoul: Live Viewing which played across 219 sites grossing £693k ($900k).

Globally the release took £25m ($32m) across 75 territories.

What about Turning Red?

Our UK viewers may have noticed Disney+ adding Turning Red onto the platform this past weekend, the decision drew much criticism and ire from exhibitors earlier in the year when announced.

Surely after the success of Sing 2, it would have made a lot of money that Disney have left on the table both for themselves and cinema partners.

But the film has had small theatrical releases in areas where Disney+ doesn’t operate, (In a case of have your cake and eat it too), in 12 markets it came out Friday.

In Saudi Arabia, Poland & the UAE it opened in second place with £700k ($920k), £329k ($430k) and £321k ($420k) respectively.

Elsewhere the UK looks set to await the release of Sonic The Hedgehog 2, Bad Guys and Fantastic Beasts: Rise Of Dumbledore this Easter.

But all eyes will be gleefully awaiting the soon to be opening of Downtown Abbey 2: A New Era’s advance box office for a release date of April 28th.

What are your thoughts of the news?

Any surprises in the top 5 this week?

Should Disney have released Turning Red in cinemas?

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