Black Widow Coming To Disney Plus And Theatres In July

Along with Disney’s Cruella, Disney Plus will now debut day on day with cinemas, and it seems as though this is going to happen with Black Widow.

Black Widow moves to July 9th, and Cruella continues with 28th May.

Black Widow was originally due to release in Hong Kong China, April 30th, other territories May 7th.

UK Cinemas opening on the 17th May now have no tent pole release to give them a blockbuster boost.

Peter Rabbit 2 has seen its release date move to July, although we’ve had no confirmation yet if this also applies to the UK and Europe.

Appalling decision

Speaking to one cinema exhibitor in England this afternoon they stated this was “an appalling decision by Disney”.

The blessing for UK cinemas seems to be that the film isn’t releasing on May 7th everywhere else and on Disney Plus which would reduce audiences further.

Disney in the past 12 months has not released a film in US, European Cinemas and rescheduled Black Widow multiple times.

Death On The Nile also moves almost 2 years from its original date to February 2022.

Black Widow releasing on Disney Plus is a significant blow for cinemas


Credit: Marvel Studios

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Whilst the price of premium showings on Disney Plus is close to £20-29.99 and many cinemas in England operate with ticket prices as low as £3 this isn’t the case across the board.

How might this affect the box office?

In a time where the industry, in particular, has been damaged from lock-downs and schedule changes, it’s a significant blow to cinemas trying to return to profitability and reopening plans.

The news may just change the plans for Odeon, Vue, Empire Cinemas, Showcase as they look to reopen on May 17th.

Will they still do so, or hold off an extra week?

In other news today just this morning, Cineworld announced they would be reopening their doors in May along with nearly all their Regal sites across America from April.

This would be a much-needed boost stateside, and with Godzilla vs Kong operating a similar deal with cinema and HBO Max release we’ll get to see just how impact-full it is.

Cineworld also announced they had agreed to a period of exclusivity with Warner Bros. ensuring they would show films for 45 days before they went to a streaming service.

As a result, this means it’ll be the same expectantly across the UK & US as a result for other operators.

This also leads us to believe that all Warner Bros. films will then be shown via HBO Max and the 12 month “one off” is actually going to become the norm.

Will you be watching Black Widow on Disney Plus or at the Cinema?

Let us know in the comments below.


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