The Best Casino Movies On Netflix In Ireland And The UK


Before we dip into what Netflix Ireland offers regarding slots featuring in films, let’s look at their counterpart and peek into what the UK delivers to its masses regarding casino movies. Apart from knowing that you can play slots online on Rainbow Spins Casino, what can you watch on Netflix UK that can give you some insight into the exciting and often glamourous world of gambling? Undeniably, the casino movies shown on Netflix in the UK tend to focus a lot more on table games such as roulette and not so much on slots. Maybe the Brits enjoy more of the elegance and less of the elementary side of gambling because, let’s face it, playing slot machines is less glitz and glam and more sit back and relax in your chair type of betting.

So, without further ado, let’s look at some of the top casino movies found across Netflix Ireland and Netflix UK:


21 gambling jim sturgess betting gambling blackjack films movies

Credit: Columbia Pictures

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Released in 2008, this gambling movie is based on a student who finds himself struggling with college fees and leans into betting, hoping that he manages to strike gold and solve all his problems. Ben Campbell is a character played by Jim Sturgess, who desperately wants to get into Harvard Medical School but can’t afford it.

On his gambling journey, he’s recruited by an MIT professor, Micky Rosa (played by Kevin Spacey), who teaches him how to count cards in blackjack as part of a team. Soon the crew starts making serious money, and Ben all but forgets what led him to gamble.



Credit: Universal Pictures

The 1995 Martin Scorsese action movie is considered an all-time classic when it comes to the Las Vegas Casino lifestyle. If you know anything about the film world, you will know that Martin Scorsese is a legendary film director, producer, and writer. The man breathes successful movies, and Casino is no exception.

The film is packed with action and extravagance based on the mafia and the casino scene in the 60s and 70s. Not forgetting the star-studded cast featuring Robert De Niro, Sharon Stone, Don Rickles, and Joe Pesci. Prepare to have all your emotions triggered in this film because, I mean, this is a Martin Scorsese production over here.

Casino Royale


Credit: MGM Studios

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If you’re a Bond franchise fanatic, you may agree that this poker movie released in 2006 is the best. Keeping you glued to the screen from start to finish, Casino Royale is a classic James Bond release. This time Bond is played by Daniel Craig, on a mission to stop a mob banker, Le Chiffre (played by Mads Mikkelsen), from winning a high-stakes poker game.

Ocean’s Eleven

Ocean's 11 Casino movies heist

Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

The first instalment of the same name’s remake of the 1960s classic features an ensemble cast with George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Matt Damon, Don Cheadle, Andy García, Bernie Mac, and Julia Roberts. Produced by Steven Soderbergh and written by Ted Griffin, follow Danny Ocean and Rusty Ryan as they pull off an impossible heist of $160 million.

The Gambler


Credit: Paramount Pictures

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This 2014 movie is based on the 1974 movie of the same name. This movie stars Mark Wahlberg as a self-destructive cop with some severe gambling debt to underground gambling. Jim gets 7 days to pay off his debt or be murdered. In his endeavours to get himself out of the mess he created, he gets into rather dangerous situations.

Win It All

Gambling Movies Netflix Win It All

Credit: Netflix

Eddie Garret is a gambling addict who works as a parking attendant outside a major baseball stadium. One day, he finds Michael, a local thug, sitting in his kitchen, asking him to stash a duffel bag without opening it for 6 months, and in return he will pay him $10,000. Eddie agrees, but a few days later succumbs to curiosity and opens the bag to find it full of cash.

Eddie uses some of the money to gamble, and although he initially wins it back, he can’t resist the urge to dip further and further into the funds.


Clive Owen in Croupier

Credit: FilmFour

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This neo-noir film by Mike Hodges stars Clive Owen, who is an aspiring writer, taking a job as a croupier to make ends meet. Jack Manfred (Clive Owen) tries to remain an observer. However, he quickly gets sucked into the gambling world, which affects his relationship.

Molly’s Game

Jessica Chastain and Idris Elba in Molly's Game

Credit: 20th Century Fox

Based on a true story, starring Jessica Chastain, Idris Elba, and Kevin Costner. The movie is about Bloom, who runs an exclusive underground poker game in Hollywood. She soon finds herself on the receiving end of the FBI when they become interested in her after her career as an Olympic skier ends abruptly due to an injury.

Mississippi Grind

Ryan Reynolds in Mississippi Grind casino movies netflix ireland uk

Credit: A24

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Gerry is a gambler and struggling real estate agent who meets Curtis, who he believes is a good luck charm, after a night of gambling and heavy drinking. Gerry proposes a gambling trip down to Mississippi, where they will enter a poker tournament with a $25,000 buy-in held by Curtis’s former acquaintance, Tony Roundtree.


rounders casino movies netflix ireland uk

Credit: Miramax

Directed by John Dahl and starring Mat Damon and Edward Norton is about the underground world of high-stakes poker. Mike McDermott suffered a considerable loss and swore never to touch cards or gamble again. However, when his best friend gets into trouble with a ruthless nightclub owner, Mike gets drawn back into the gambling world. The two friends need to win big to pay off a large debt, causing them to travel from city to city in the pursuit thereof.


Hollywood has had a longstanding friendship with casinos at the heart of their movies, adding a world filled with high rollers, crooked casino bosses, and life-changing wealth. Casinos have always played a unique role in Hollywood movies, providing us with a stage for a lifestyle that most people can only imagine in our wildest dreams. You can catch all of these on Netflix in Ireland and the UK, enjoy!

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Are you going to be watching any of these casino movies on Netflix in Ireland or in the UK? If so, let us know which ones in the comments below.


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