Ben Affleck Wants To Find A “Graceful And Cool Way” Of Leaving The Batman Role

Ben Affleck has admitted that he’s looking to find a “graceful and cool way” of saying goodbye to the Batman role.

Playing Batman isn’t something one person can play forever. Before Ben Affleck took on the role the most times an actor had played the role was in three movies. That was Christian Bale in the Christopher Nolan Dark Knight trilogy, yet now we seem to want to see Ben Affleck play the role forever. I don’t blame people. I’ve said on multiple occasions that I think he’s been one of the best portrayals of the DC Comics superhero. That said, with Justice League on the horizon that makes it three times (including his brief cameo in Suicide Squad) that he’s donned the iconic cape and cowl. A lot of people are asking him about whether he’s going to turn up in Matt Reeves’ Batman project, and naturally, he’s been a bit coy on the whole thing.

Affleck was originally intended to direct the solo Batman movie and was in the process of writing the script yet the whole thing got thrown out by Warner Bros. and then Reeves was brought in to helm the project. This would knock anybody’s confidence so it’s no wonder that the actor is thinking twice before committing to anything DCEU-related. Affleck already revealed in a previous interview that he wasn’t sure whether he’ll be playing Batman for much longer stating, “I don’t know about that. We’ll see what the future holds”.

In a recent interview with USA Today Affleck was asked whether we would get to see him in Reeves’ Batman movie, to which the actor replied that it’s “something I’m contemplating” and that “you don’t do it forever, so I want to find a graceful and cool way to segue out of it”. It’s nice to hear that he wants to do the fans and the character justice by finding a graceful way for him to leave the role and one way I can see this happening is by having Affleck’s Batman hand over the cape and cowl to a younger protégé.

Not only would that let this current version of the DCEU to carry on, but it would also leave space for a new actor’s take on the character. We’ve seen stuff like this happen multiple times before in the comics and there was even a Batman animated series, Batman Beyond, in which Bruce Wayne hands over the keys to the Batcave and everything in it to the young Terry McGinnis. Something akin to Batman Beyond would really suit the DCEU and see this cinematic universe go in a new and interesting direction.

You can see Affleck’s Batman in Justice League which is hitting UK cinemas on November 17th.

How would you like to say goodbye to Ben Affleck’s Batman? Let us know in the comments below.

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