Ben Affleck Reportedly Returning As Daredevil In Secret Wars

Ben Affleck Reportedly Returning As Daredevil In Secret Wars

Ben Affleck might return to play Daredevil and join Marvel Studios’ Multiverse Saga in Avengers: Secret Wars. The multiverse is in chaos which is expected to happen in Marvel’s multiverse finale in Avengers: Secret Wars. It’s no surprise that fans would hope to see some heroes coming back.

Affleck played the role of Matt Murdock, aka Daredevil, back in 2003. He starred with Jennifer Garner as Elektra, Colin Farrell as Bullseye, Michael Clarke Duncan as Kingpin, and Jon Favreau as Foggy Nelson. This was still years away from the MCU.

There were plans of making a sequel, but unfortunately, this fizzled out. Affleck and director Mark Steven Johnson were disappointed that the theatrical release was toned down from their original vision. Affleck only wanted to return if 20th Century Fox would allow darker stories. He was very interested in adapting other Daredevil comics, namely Kevin Smith’s Guardian Devil and Frank Miller’s Born Again.

A Rated-R version was released on home video a year later, which was considered to be a better interpretation of the character and was much closer to Frank Miller’s Daredevil. Unfortunately, Daredevil made Affleck decide not to wear a superhero suit again, which changed when he agreed to play the role of Bruce Wayne/Batman for DC Films.

Ben Affleck May Join Other pre-MCU heroes in Avengers: Secret Wars

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A report from Giant Freakin Robot says that Ben Affleck has signed to reprise his role as Daredevil for Avengers: Secret Wars. We presume they will go all out in Marvel’s Multiverse Saga finale. What excites us is who they will get when it does happen.

Currently, Charlie Cox plays Daredevil in the MCU. He already showed up on Disney Plus’ She-Hulk: Attorney at Law and has a new series being developed titled Daredevil: Born Again. But that doesn’t mean Affleck’s version won’t appear in Marvel’s multiverse.

Marvel has already given us a taste of different Spider-Men with Andrew Garfield and Tobey Maguire in Spider-Man: No Way Home. And seeing Patrick Stewart and Anson Mount return as Professor X and Black Bolt is another peek into possibilities.

And what can we say about Deadpool 3? The film is set in the MCU, with Hugh Jackman returning as Wolverine no less. Reports say that several cast members of the X-men might even return. Stewart has teased us a bit just recently that he and Ian McKellen, who played Magneto, could once again return.

There are even reports that Garfield and Maguire would come back for Secret Wars. Reports say that their return would introduce Tom Holland to the alien symbiote black Spider-Man suit. This could be a homage to the original Secret Wars comic, where Spider-Man first got the suit at Battleworld.

Ben Affleck’s Daredevil Could Return for Avengers: Secret Wars

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So, to think that Ben Affleck could return to the role would be fantastic if it does happen. Would Marvel be convincing enough to make him wear the red suit again? Also, there is an attachment to Daredevil with his previous marriage with Jennifer Garner. Is Affleck okay with that?

Affleck hasn’t had the best time being a superhero. DC Studios said they aren’t moving forward with his version of Batman. But maybe if they can assure him that his reprisal of the character in Marvel would be fun, then… possibly.

Affleck is a fantastic actor, and his performances as Matt Murdock and Bruce Wayne weren’t terrible. He was just not given the right opportunity for it. 20th Century Fox wanted mass appeal, which changed his version of Matt Murdock for the worse. And his DCEU Batman film somehow got lost because of bad timing with his personal problems, add the fact that he hated doing the reshoots for Justice League.

We’re just happy that Affleck came back for The Flash, and from what a lot of us are hearing, he actually enjoyed it at the time.

Avengers: Secret Wars is still a couple of years away. And if they plan to include many actors from the pre-MCU era, this will most likely be cameos only. But wouldn’t it be fun to see both Affleck and Charlie Cox play Daredevil and do something together in Secret Wars? I mean, it is Secret Wars. We are expecting it to be like Spider-Man: No Way Home on steroids at this point.

What do you think of Ben Affleck returning to play Daredevil for the MCU’s Secret Wars? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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