Batwoman Season 2’s Premiere Title Teases Kate Kane’s Dissapearance

Batwoman Season 2 is going to be very different from the first season mainly because it’s no longer going to have Ruby Rose as its lead. Rose, who played Kate Kane in the first season, left the show and she was then replaced by Javicia Leslie as the show’s lead. However, Leslie won’t be playing Kate. She’ll be playing a new character called Ryan Wilder, and it seems as though Batwoman Season 2’s premiere episode on The CW will be about Kate Kane’s disappearance.

This means that they will be addressing the fact that the show’s no longer going to feature Kate Kane as its lead, which makes sense. Some viewers still might be rather confused and less informed about what happened with Ruby Rose. So, they might be confused should the show just kick off with a brand new Batwoman.

Batwoman Season 2 Episode 1 has been revealed to be titled Whatever Happened To Kate Kane. Therefore, it’s safe to assume that her disappearance from the show will be addressed. I’m just not sure what they’ll come up with. It’ll be interesting to see how they explain it all.

Batwoman Season 2’s premiere episode will address Kate Kane’s disappearance

Batwoman Season 2 Ryan Wilder

Credit: The CW

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So, what does this title suggest? Well, the whole ‘Whatever happened to…’ structure is something that’s used in a lot of DC Comics books. Alan Moore’s iconic Silver Age story Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow? is something that Superman fans will know and love. Neil Gaiman later did a similar thing to Moore’s story with his Batman comic, Whatever Happened to the Caped Crusader?.

I think this episode will take place quite a while after Kate Kane’s disappearance and it’ll feature Ryan and friends investigating what happened to Kate, Fingers crossed the episode will give us a satisfying answer as to why Kate Kane is no longer Batwoman and has left Gotham.

Batwoman will be returning to The CW in the US on Sunday, January 17th, 2021. There’s no news yet on when it’ll be available to watch in the UK. I’ll let you know when that changes.

What do you make of this news? Are you looking forward to watching Batwoman Season 2 on The CW? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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