Ruby Rose’s Real Reasons For Exiting The CW’s Batwoman Revealed

It’s finally been revealed exactly why Ruby Rose decided to leave The CW’s Batwoman TV show after having played the lead for only one season.

It did come as a pretty big shock when it was revealed that Ruby Rose was leaving Batwoman after just one season.

People, myself included, wanted to know why exactly she decided to leave the show.

This lead to a whole load of clickbaity articles on the Internet all suggesting why she might have left.

However, it looks like we finally have discovered the real reason why Rose decided to leave The CW’s DC Comics TV show.

It turns out it might have had something to do with life in Vancouver, which Rose just didn’t acclimate to.

This comes from TV Line who’s sources also suggest that it wasn’t 100% her own decision.

The source likened her departure from the show a bit like a breakup.

Ruby Rose wasn’t enjoying life in Vancouver which is why she left Batwoman


Who could play Batwoman after Ruby Rose? – Credit: The CW

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Here’s what TV Line’s sources revealed to be Rose’s reasons for leaving the show:

It wasn’t 100-per cent her decision.

It was a breakup. She wasn’t happy working on the show, and did that make her fun to work with? No. So everyone decided it would be in the best interests of the show, and for all concerned, if they parted ways. It just wasn’t a good fit.

The insider source also revealed that Rose found the long hours required to play the lead on the show was too demanding.

She also didn’t acclimate well to life in Vancouver which is where the show and all the other CW shows are shot.

Batwoman was the actor’s first full-time gig in her career, so it is a shame that she had to leave.

What do you make of this news?

Were you sad to hear that Ruby Rose had left Batwoman?

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