Check Out This Batman Fan Film Which Sees Bristol Double Up As Gotham

There’s a new Batman fan film which was released on YouTube recently called Living In Crime Alley and I think it’s genuinely brilliant.

There have been a whole host of incredible fan films based on Hollywood movies and pop culture properties over the years.

I wrote an article recently on the best fan films ever made.

However, there are always new ones popping up ever now and then, and one recently came to my attention.

It’s a new Batman fan film called Living In Crime Alley and it comes from British filmmaker Rob Ayling.

The thing I really love about this Batman fan film is that it tells a story that you’d never see in a Hollywood Batman movie.

Rather than focusing on Bruce Wayne, Ayling’s short film focuses on the people in Gotham city who end up in a life of crime.

Check out the Batman fan film, Living On Crime Alley, right here

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The film focuses on a single father who’s struggling to make ends meet and bring up his child.

This leads him into a life of crime and then puts him on Batman’s radar.

It’s a fascinating piece and one which I think any Batman fan would enjoy.

It also sees Bristol double up as Gotham, and you know what, it’s a pretty good location for the DC Comics fictional city.

What do you make of this news?

Did you enjoy the Batman fan film, Living On Crime Alley as much as I did?

Let me know what you thought of it in the comments below.

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