The Arnold Schwarzenegger Sci-Fi Action Thriller No One Remembers


In the vast expanse of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s filmography, there lies a science fiction thriller that, despite its ambitious premise and the star power of its lead, seems to have slipped through the collective memory of the action cinema canon. The 6th Day, released at the dawn of the new millennium, is a film that grapples with the ethical quagmires of cloning and the essence of identity. As streaming platforms continue to unearth hidden gems from the archives of cinema, this Schwarzenegger vehicle is being given a second chance to impress a new generation of viewers.

The film, directed by Roger Spottiswoode, was a moderate box office success but received a lukewarm critical reception upon its release. However, with the benefit of hindsight and the evolution of science fiction tropes, The 6th Day presents a fascinating study of a superstar at a crossroads and a society on the brink of technological overreach.

The Premise of The 6th Day


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The Plot

The 6th Day takes place in the near future, where cloning has become a part of everyday life. Schwarzenegger plays Adam Gibson, a man who comes home one day to find a clone has replaced him. The film unfolds as a high-octane chase, with Gibson grappling to reclaim his life and identity from the forces that have usurped them.

The Sci-Fi Elements

The science fiction elements of The 6th Day are rooted in the anxieties of the era, reflecting a society’s fear of cloning and genetic engineering. The film explores the moral implications of creating human copies and the potential loss of humanity in the process.

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Role


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The Action Star

Schwarzenegger was at the height of his fame when The 6th Day was released. Known for his roles in iconic action films like Terminator and Total Recall, his casting in The 6th Day was a natural fit for the genre.

A Different Kind of Hero

In The 6th Day, Schwarzenegger portrays a character who is not just a physical powerhouse but also a man facing an existential crisis. This role allowed him to explore a more nuanced performance, showing vulnerability amidst the expected bravado.

The Reception and Legacy


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Initial Box Office and Reviews

Upon its release, The 6th Day opened at number four at the box office and grossed a total of $96 million worldwide. Critics gave the film mixed reviews, with some appreciating the intriguing premise but others criticising its execution as formulaic.

Rediscovery and Re-evaluation

As the film finds its way onto streaming platforms, it is being re-evaluated by audiences and critics alike. The themes of The 6th Day are more relevant than ever in today’s context, where the conversation around cloning and genetic manipulation has evolved.

Final Thoughts on Arnold Schwarzenegger’s The 6th Day


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The 6th Day may not have been a landmark entry in Schwarzenegger’s career at the time of its release, but its resurgence on streaming platforms offers a chance for reappraisal. The film’s exploration of identity, humanity, and the consequences of playing God are themes that resonate strongly in the current era.

As viewers rediscover this overlooked piece of Schwarzenegger’s filmography, they may find that The 6th Day holds more value than its initial reception suggested. It stands as a testament to the enduring appeal of science fiction that challenges us to look at the future we are building and question the path we are taking to get there.

What do you make of this news? Have you watched this Arnold movie? If so, what did you think of it?

You can stream The 6th Day on Netflix right now.