Arkham Asylum Series Gets A New Showrunner


It’s been revealed that the HBO Max Arkham Asylum series has found itself a new showrunner in Antonio Campos, and I think he is an excellent choice to lead this upcoming The Batman spinoff series. This news comes to us via Variety, and I cannot wait to see how that upcoming series unfolds. It’s certainly one of the upcoming HBO Max projects that I am most excited to see.

Campos was the showrunner of the HBO series The Staircase, and I really loved that series. He also directed all the episodes of that series and worked on it with Maggie Cohn, who was the co-showrunner of the series. We actually got to interview Maggie a while back about the series. You should go and check it out if you’re interested in knowing more about that series.

So, it seems as though Campos will also direct the upcoming spinoff show of Matt Reeves’ The Batman, which will about Gotham City mental institute Arkham Asylum. Campos will also serve as showrunner and executive producer.

The Batman spinoff Arkham Asylum series has a new boss


Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

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This series has been in a sort of development Hell. Campos is the third writer brought onto the DC project. The series was originally ordered back in July 2020. This series was initially imagined as Gotham City PD. The series was going to have Terence Winter as its showrunner. However, he ended up leaving the project in November 2020 over creative differences with Matt Reeves. Then, Joe Barton stepped in to fill his shoes. However,  Barton left the project after the show’s story moved from the underbelly of the Gotham police department to Arkham Asylum.

It’s been a pretty interesting journey to this point. However, I think that the idea of an Arkham Asylum series is much more interesting. I especially liked it when executive producer Reeves compared the Arkham Asylum show to a “horror movie or a haunted house,” with the institution existing as a “character.” This is something that I really like the sound of, and I can’t wait to see the series when it’s released on HBO Max.

This all comes after it was revealed that James Gunn and Peter Safran had been appointed as the co-CEOs of the newly-formed DC Studios. They will be overseeing all DC Universe content at Warner Bros Discovery. However, I’m not sure whether Reeves’ Batman content will be overseen by Gunn and Safran.

Matt Reeves is expanding his Batverse


Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

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Before this news was revealed, we also learnt that Warner Bros Discovery had officially greenlight The Batman 2, and he’s also going to be expanding his ‘Batverse’ with the Arkham Asylum series as well as a limited series which will be focused on Colin Farrell’s character from The Batman, the Penguin.

It’s been revealed that Lauren LeFranc will serve as writer and showrunner on that series. Reeves will executive produce alongside Dylan Clark, who produced The Batman. The show’s star, Farrell, then confirmed that even though Reeves isn’t directing the Penguin series, he is “all over the structure of the scripts and who’s going to direct them. And so, it’s exciting.”

What do you make of this news? Are you looking forward to watching the Arkham Asylum series when it’s finally released on HBO Max? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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