Argylle & Kingsman Set In The Same Universe – Crossover Planned


In a groundbreaking revelation, the cinematic universes of Argylle and Kingsman are set to intertwine, promising fans an exhilarating crossover experience. This announcement has sent shockwaves throughout the film industry, with enthusiasts eagerly anticipating the union of two of Matthew Vaughn’s most iconic creations.

The news has been met with widespread excitement, as both the Argylle and Kingsman franchises have garnered immense popularity over the years. With the potential of a crossover on the horizon, the cinematic landscape is poised for a transformation.

The Revelation


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The Argylle & Kingsman Shared Universe

It was on the Happy Sad Confused podcast where the news first broke, revealing that Matthew Vaughn’s Argylle and Kingsman are set in the same universe. This revelation is monumental, considering the distinct narratives and settings of both franchises. The Argylle movie, starring the charismatic Henry Cavill, has its own unique charm, while the Kingsman series has established itself as a modern classic in the spy genre.

Here’s what director Matthew Vaughn had to say on the matter:

I just like the challenge of launching new intellectual property (IP). I think it’s harder, but it’s more fun. Argylle, as I said, we’ve got the book coming out…and we have an Argylle 2 planned. So, there is a universe. What we’re trying to do…[What] Marvel [is to] superheroes, we want to be to spies. We’ve got the Kingsman on the right. Argylle is on the left. We’ve got an idea for something in the middle, as well. We’ve got these competing franchises in a galaxy that one day might meet.”

The Vision of Matthew Vaughn

Matthew Vaughn, the mastermind behind both franchises, has always been known for his innovative storytelling. The idea of merging the Argylle Universe with the Kingsman Universe showcases his vision of creating a cohesive cinematic experience. Vaughn’s dedication to his craft and his ability to weave intricate plots has made him a revered figure in the film industry.

The Anticipation


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Fan Reactions

The announcement has been met with a flurry of reactions from fans worldwide. Social media platforms are abuzz with speculations, theories, and fan art, showcasing the potential scenarios of the Argylle and Kingsman crossover. The prospect of seeing Henry Cavill’s character from the Argylle film interacting with the Kingsman protagonists is a tantalising one.

The Future of the Franchises

With the news of the crossover, the future of both the Argylle and Kingsman movies looks promising. The potential storylines, character developments, and action sequences that can emerge from this union are limitless. Fans are eagerly awaiting official announcements regarding the plot, cast, and release dates.

Final Thoughts on this crossover


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The cinematic universes of Argylle and Kingsman coming together is a testament to the evolving nature of filmmaking. Such crossovers provide filmmakers with the opportunity to explore new narratives, character arcs, and settings, offering audiences a fresh and immersive experience.

As we await further details on this exciting crossover, one thing is certain: the union of the Argylle and Kingsman universes is set to redefine cinematic storytelling, promising fans an experience like never before.

What do you make of this news? Are you looking forward to seeing an Argylle and Kingsman crossover in the not-so-distant future?

Argylle will be released in cinemas and on Apple TV Plus in 2024.