Amber Heard Smirks And Rolls Her Eyes While Listening To Herself Admitting She Punched Johnny Depp

Amber Heard can be seen in a new recording smirking and rolling her eyes while listening to a recording of herself admitting she punched Johnny Depp.

The Mail Online managed to obtain some new footage of Amber Heard from 2016.

The footage shows Heard in front of a room full of lawyers listening to a recording of herself with Johnny Depp.

This video was taken whilst Heard and Depp were going through their divorce.

In this video, the Aquaman star can be seen rolling her eyes and eating what seem to be cookies.

She looks totally disinterested by what’s going on in the recording.

In the recording, Heard reveals that she did indeed “clock” her then-husband in the face.

When this part of the recording is played, Heard smirks and rolls her eyes.

Amber Heard didn’t look too bothered while listening to this recording

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It has to be said that she doesn’t look very comfortable in this video and she’s constantly fidgeting and nibbling on snacks, which seems like a strange thing to do.

In the recording Heard is listening to with the lawyers, Depp can be heard claiming that Heard hit him with a bathroom door and then punched him in the jaw.

She denies having slammed the door in his face deliberately and then apologises for having hit Depp in the face on purpose.

She can be heard pleading: “I just reacted and I’m sorry. It’s below me.”

In the video, she also denies being the aggressor during the time they were together and claimed that this recording “misrepresents what actually happened”.

Despite her denials, there are many supporters of Johnn Depp’s who claim that this taped ‘confession’ is just one of many that prove Heard was the abuser during their relationship.

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