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Amber Heard May Not Have Cut Johnny Depp’s Finger Off After All

New evidence in the Johnny Depp vs. Amber Heard case has suggested that Heard may not have cut the Pirates of the Caribbean’s finger off after all.

This whole case has been both riveting and slightly bonkers.

Well-known actors have been voicing their support for Johnny Depp over the last few days.

Penelope Cruz and Winona Ryder both voiced their support for the actor in court.

However, one of the big things that people have been talking about over the years was that Amber Hears supposedly cut part of her ex-husband’s finger off.

It had been reported that the two of them had an argument and she proceeded to slice his finger off.

Turns out that might not have been the case.

Johnny Depp’s texts to his doctor were read out in court today and they paint a very different story (via Heroic Hollywood).

“I cut the top of my middle finger off… What should I do!?? Except, of course, go to a hospital…. I’m so embarrassed for jumping into anything with her… F**K THE WORLD!!! JD.”

Seems like Amber Heard may not have cut Johnny’s finger off

Johnny Depp Amber Head Abuse

Johnny Depp in Secret Window – Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

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He then sent another message to the same doctor a few days later which read as follows:

Thank you for everything. I have chopped off my left middle finger as a reminder that I should never cut my finger off again!! I love you, brother. Johnny.

Now, many people might say that Johnny wouldn’t want to really admit to his doctor what happened between him and Heard.

That could actually be the case. However, Heard and her lawyers have been adamant that he cut off his own finger.

They claim he did it after a three-day bender on MDMA/ecstasy while filming one of the Pirates of the Caribbean films.

What do you make of this new development?

Do you think Johnny Depp cut off his own finger, or do you still think Amber Heard did it?

Let us know in the comments below.

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