The Huge Amazon Prime Sunglasses Ad That Went Viral in 2021


Amazon Prime’s late 2021 commercial featuring Medusa and a killer pair of sunglasses instantly blew up the internet, with people searching for the star, the shades, and even the music featured in the ad. The commercial quickly became a viral success, reminding viewers how easy it is to find virtually anything you want and potentially have it arrive on your doorstep the next day via the Amazon platform.

If you’ve been clicking around, trying to find out as much as you can about the ad, officially titled ‘Medusa Makes Friends,’ the search is over – as we’ve done the legwork for you.

The Amazon Prime Ad

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In the Amazon Prime commercial, Medusa decides that having people turn to stone when they look at her has gotten old – so she picks up a pair of amazing sunglasses to resolve the issue. In the course of the ad, she also shucks off her villainous image by using her powers for good to ward off an annoying guy at the bar who’s attempting to hit on her friends.

Who’s the Actress who Plays Medusa?


Credit: Amazon

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Jesi Le Rae plays the role of Medusa in the Amazon Prime sunglasses commercial – as well as an actress; she’s also a director. Jesi, who hails from Chula Vista, California, is best known for her roles in You’re the Worst (2014), Westworld (2016), and Hospitality (2023). She’s also starred in several music videos, including Demi Lovato’s ‘Cool for the Summer’ and Britney Spears and Tinashe’s ‘Slumber Party.’

But Who’s Medusa, Anyway?

Medusa is a figure from Ancient Greek mythology – she’s the lady with the snakes growing out of her head. She was one of the three Gorgons, who all had venomous vipers for hair and the ability to turn anyone who looked at them to stone. While her two sisters were immortal, Medusa was not and perished at the hand of the hero and demigod Perseus.

While the artists of Ancient Greece tended to depict Medusa as horrifying, over time, this perception shifted until – as she remains today – Medusa is generally imagined as being both terrifying and beautiful.

What’s the Music in the Amazon Prime Sunglasses Commercial?


Credit: Amazon

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The track that features in the ad is ‘Chun Li’ by Nicki Minaj. You can check out the whole track online – but be aware the language is spicy. The song comes from Minaj’s fourth studio album, Queen, released in 2018. Wondering who Chun Li is? She’s a popular character from the iconic video game Street Fighter.

The Sunglasses

Although there’s been some speculation over this, it’s generally accepted that, in the Amazon Prime commercial, the shades chosen and worn by Medusa are Ray-Ban RB3183s in polished gunmetal gray and incorporating silver frames. These polarized sunglasses from the legendary eyewear brand are not only head-turning stylish but made from superior quality materials, meaning they’re durable too – whether you’re a Greek Gorgon or a mere mortal.

Interested in the specs? They’re a narrow-fit design that features a semi-rimless, lightweight frame with the classic Ray-Ban logo on each temple. The adjustable nose pad means you can achieve the most comfortable (and secure) fit, and the polarized lenses are great for reducing glare, enhancing contrast, and helping to prevent eye strain. And if you need prescription sunglasses? No problem; all Ray-Ban sunglasses can be fitted with corrective lenses, so there’s no need to sacrifice your style for your eye prescription.

Amazon Prime’s Previous Viral Hits

Amazon Prime has got plenty of form when it comes to creating commercials that go instantly viral. The August 2021 ‘Prime Changes Everything’ campaign saw Cleopatra and Rapunzel use their Prime membership to rewrite the course of their fates. While Rapunzel uses Amazon Prime’s super-fast delivery service to order a ladder to rescue herself from the tower, Cleopatra uses her account to turn over a new leaf, ordering gifts for all those around her.

Just as with the Medusa commercial, the Amazon Prime ad team took well-known characters and reimagined their destinies – something that went down very well with audiences.

Final Thoughts

The Amazon Prime sunglasses commercial worked so well as it contained the perfect blend of ingredients: a well-known (and possibly misunderstood?) main character, humor, and a great product. This is exactly why, upon seeing it, so many people took to the internet to discover as much as they could about the actress, the music, and the sunglasses featured in the ad. And a final fun fact about the Greek legend? She had two children by Poisedon, god of the sea: Chrysaor and Pegasus – who knew?

What do you make of this news? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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