Sigourney Weaver Wouldn’t Rule Out Returning To The Alien Franchise As Ellen Ripley

Sigourney Weaver has revealed that she wouldn’t rule out returning to the Alien franchise as Ellen Ripley in the future, which I would love to see.

The recent Alien movies from Ridley Scott have left a lot to be desired.

Alien: Covenant and Prometheus were pretty poor, and yet he recently revealed he has plans to do more.

Since Disney acquired 20th Century Fox, they now own the Alien franchise.

This makes the future of the Alien franchise a bit uncertain.

However, there do seem to be plans to make more Alien movies in the future.

Sigourney Weaver recently told Empire Magazine that she wouldn’t be against returning to the franchise in the franchise.

Sigourney Weaver says she could return to the Alien franchise

alien 1

The Xenomorph in Alien: Covenant – Credit: 20th Century Fox

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This came after  Empire revealed that Alien producer, Walter Hill has a 50-page treatment for a fifth Alien movie.

They then asked Weaver whether she would like to star in it as Ellen Ripley.

Here’s what she told Empire about returning to the Alien franchise in the future:

I don’t know. Ridley has gone in a different direction. Maybe Ripley has done her bit. She deserves a rest. I’ve always felt like she was such a partner. She is always in my stomach.

That is an interesting quote because Weaver was heavily involved in the Neill Blomkamp Alien 5 movie.

That film ended up being cancelled sadly, yet is seems as though Weaver still has a yerning to return to the role.

What do you make of this news?

Would you like to see Sigourney Weaver play Ellen Ripley again in the Alien franchise?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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