Alden Ehrenreich Reveals He Would Love To Do A Solo: A Star Wars Story Sequel

Solo: A Star Wars Story’s star, Alden Ehrenreich has revealed that he would love to return as Han Solo in a possible sequel and explore the character more.

Honestly, when I first saw Solo: A Star Wars Story, I didn’t think it was that good.

However, I then rewatched it on Disney Plus during the lockdown period, and I kind of fell in love with the film.

I think when I first went into the movie I was expected a lot, and I wasn’t expecting the movie that we got.

The film is a well made action-adventure movie set in space which just happens to have Han Solo in it.

The worst bits of the film are the moments when they try to explain how Han got all his stuff: his blaster, his name, Chewie…

He was basically handed and given everything, and that annoyed a lot of people.

But, the movie itself is pretty good and I would argue is one of the most underrated Star Wars movies ever made.

Its star, Alden Ehrenreich, recently revealed he would love t return for a sequel.

Alden Ehrenreich would like to do a Solo sequel

Solo A Star Wars Story movie

Alden Ehrenreich as Han Solo in Solo – Credit: Disney

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Ehrenreich revealed this during a recent episode of the Happy Sad Confused podcast.

I would. It would have to be the right version of it. What’s cool and kind of free, in a way, is the real fun of [Han Solo], my favourite part of that character, is something that kicks in at the end of the movie. It’s when he becomes that guy at the end, that’s the guy we love. So getting to that, and going from there is interesting, so we’ll see. But I think now they’re being so inventive with how they’re using Star Wars and putting out stories in a different way that maybe I could see some out of the box interesting iteration of it somewhere. We’ll see, who knows?

What do you make of this news?

Would you like to see Alden Ehrenreich return as Han Solo in a Solo sequel?

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