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Gaming on your mobile phone allows you to be able to play pretty much anytime, anywhere. That is unless you have a flat battery. Running a game with high specs can drain your battery fast, and unless you want to be lugging a heavy-duty battery pack around when out and about, it makes sense to optimise your phone for mobile game playing fully.

It goes without saying that for that seamless gameplay experience you need to switch to game mode on your phone and block out any distractions such as your mum asking you to pick up toothpaste on your way home or your friends sharing the newest meme they couldn’t scroll past by setting up do not disturb time limits. Google Play games is also a bonus as you can find the newest and highly rated games to play in one place.


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One of the first things you need to do is to protect your phone. It would help if you had a phone case, and you want one that can not only protect your phone but also stand out too. This is why personalised phone covers are always a great alternative to standard and sometimes boring phone cover options.

Personalising your phone case is easy. All you need to do to buy a custom phone case is to choose the right case for your phone, then upload your chosen design and add any text you wish to appear in the phone case. You may want to choose a family photograph, one that represents your passions such as gaming or even one for your pets or that time you ran into a celeb and took that cheesy selfie! Whatever you choose, you can add to your phone case to create a fully personalised design that not only looks good but is easily identifiable and will protect your phone against drops or accidental damage. After all, what will you do if your phone is out of action for repairs? It is a small price to pay to avoid that inconvenience.

Tip: pay attention to guidelines when designing your phone case to avoid image runoff around the sides so you don’t get a distorted image!

Don’t forget to add on a screen protector too. Smashed screens are the number one reason for phone repairs, and newer, more expensive and complex handsets can be costly to replace if you do smash it. A smashed screen isn’t fun to play with and as fiddly and annoying as a screen protector can be – especially if it bubbles as you put it on! It is worth putting up with to protect the screen and save your skin quite literally should the worst happen.


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Multiple apps on phones can slow a phone down. We get it, you need different apps for different parts of your life, and quite frankly if there is an app, the temptation to download can be consuming. But when it comes to playing games on your phone, too many apps can cause the game to lag or even freeze completely.

No one wants to have interrupted gameplay, especially if you are stuck on a long commute with just your phone to help you avoid making eye contact with strangers or even worse communicating with them before your morning coffee!

So do yourself a favour and have a look at the apps you have on your phone and ask yourself, do you really need it? If you haven’t used the app recently, then chances are it isn’t essentially your day to day life and you can quite easily delete it to free up memory and help to speed up your phone.


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We’ve mentioned how you can protect your phone from adding a personalised phone case to protect your phone when gaming on the go. But there are other accessories you can use to add extra personalisation that will help you make your phone easier to play on.

Pop sockets and ring lights can be useful additions to help you add extra lighting in dark situations, and the pop socket can help you to hold your phone easier when playing or watching between playing and texting or updating your social media. If you stream and are a regular on Twitch, then the ring light will help you with any lighting issues for your live streams.

To help you with your gameplay, why not look at controllers for your phone. Playing games on your phone means you are forced to use the touchscreen to play. Third-party controllers are a welcome addition to mobile gaming. As such, many games played in this format have set up compatibility for specific accessories to help you play seamlessly without any problems.

Go Big

The P40 and P40 Pro phones have an incredible display

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When at home, you may find it preferable to flip your game onto the big screen. To do this, you need to use Chromecast to mirror your screen on a bigger one. While some phones are made with a bigger screen surface for this particular reason, sometimes it isn’t enough and playing a smaller screen, especially when using the touchscreen can mean you are hitting the wrong buttons at the wrong time due to lack of screen space. Playing on a bigger screen will help you to hone your skills and up your gameplay by removing this setback.

Mobile Internet Over WiFi


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Wifi can be sketchy depending on where you are and how many others are using it at the same time. While it is great for preserving your mobile data for when wifi isn’t available, it can be unreliable at times, and no one wants to drop a connection at a crucial point in the game. So consider upping your data plan so you can play on your mobile network as much as possible for a smoother more cohesive gameplay and less buffering!

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