A Hunger Game TV Show Is Rumoured To Be In The Works And Could Come To Netflix


It’s now being reported that a Hunger Games TV show is in the works and could be coming to Netflix, which sounds interesting. This rumour comes to us from Daniel Richtman’s Patreon page.

According to Daniel Richtman the Hunger Games could be getting its own TV series, which is a really good idea as far as I’m concerned. It had been revealed a while back that a prequel called The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes was in the works and it would be written by Little Miss Sunshine and Toy Story 3 writer Michael Arndt.

However, there’s been very little news about the project since, yet Richtman is claiming that the property is being lined up for a small screen outing as well. This is something that I think would really work.

The Hunger Games could be getting a TV show and it could come to Netflix

A Hunger Games prequel movie is in the works

Credit: Lionsgate

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At the moment that’s all the news we have for you as far as the Hunger Games franchise is concerned. This is very much a rumour at this time, and it’s especially given that the movies seem to be still in the works.

I’m pretty sure that Lionsgate wouldn’t mind having both the movies and a TV show running at the same time, and Netflix is a pretty good place for the series to be on. It’ll get a lot of eyes and would help to reignite interest in the franchise.

What do you make of this rumour? Would you like to see a Hunger Games TV show on Netflix? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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