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The ’70s Horror Movie That’s JJ Abrams’ Favourite


Renowned filmmaker JJ Abrams has never shied away from expressing his love for the horror movie genre. However, among the plethora of eerie productions, one 70s classic holds a special place in his heart: Phantasm. This 1979 creation not only encapsulated audiences with its unique blend of horror and science fantasy, but it also left a lasting imprint on Abrams, influencing his illustrious career in the film industry.

Phantasm, a masterpiece by Don Coscarelli, introduced the menacing Tall Man to the audience, a character that would become synonymous with dread and fear in the realm of horror movies.

Phantasm: A Journey into Fear


Credit: AVCO Embassy Pictures

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The Tale of The Tall Man

Phantasm unfolds the eerie narrative of a young boy, Michael, who, alongside his brother Jody and friend Reggie, delves into a nightmarish journey to confront the sinister Tall Man. Their adventure through a surreal horror landscape not only captivates the audience but also sets a high bar for horror movies.

The Lasting Impact of Phantasm

The film left a profound impact on many, including a young JJ Abrams. The intricate narrative and pioneering horror elements in Phantasm became a source of inspiration for Abrams, resonating through his later works.

Abrams’ Ode to Phantasm


Credit: AVCO Embassy Pictures

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Restoring the Classic

In a heartfelt tribute to the classic that greatly influenced him, Abrams, along with his production company Bad Robot, embarked on a meticulous restoration project to revive Phantasm for modern audiences, bringing the haunting tale back to life with enhanced visual and audio quality​. This new version of the movie will be 4K. This was revealed by Vulture.

The Legacy Continues

The restoration not only preserves the essence of Phantasm but also reintroduces this horror gem to a new generation, showcasing the timeless allure of its horrifying narrative and the indelible mark it left on one of Hollywood’s celebrated filmmakers.

Final Thoughts on JJ Abrams’ favourite ’70s horror movie


Credit: AVCO Embassy Pictures

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Phantasm and its meticulous restoration by J.J. Abrams is a glowing testament to the enduring allure and impact of vintage horror cinema. This project serves as a bridge connecting generations of horror aficionados, allowing them to revel in the eerie narrative that the ’70s horror classic offers. It’s a tale that began over four decades ago, yet its resonance is felt profoundly across modern horror landscapes, embodying the timeless essence of fear and intrigue.

J.J. Abrams’ admiration for Phantasm illuminates the boundless inspiration that past cinematic masterpieces provide to contemporary filmmakers. His heartfelt restoration of this film underscores the crucial role that the horror genre plays in fostering creative expression and preserving cinematic history.

The compelling narrative of Phantasm, coupled with Abrams’ dedication to preserving its legacy, reaffirms the unique space that vintage horror films occupy in the hearts of both creators and audiences. Through Phantasm, Abrams invites modern viewers to traverse the eerie corridors of imagination, showcasing the infinite possibilities that the horror genre holds.

What do you make of this news? Are you looking forward to watching this 4K version of Phantasm when it’s finally released?

Full restoration of the movie should wrap next month.