6 Reasons You’ll Still Want A Wristwatch Despite Your Smartphone


If you are a tech person who can’t decide whether to get a wristwatch or rely on your smartphone, this article will explore some key factors to consider. While smartphones have absorbed many watch functions, wearing a traditional timepiece still provides valuable advantages even in our digital age. This post looks at six compelling reasons why you may want to complement your phone with an old-fashioned watch, from convenience and durability to fitness tracking and battery life.

Style and Fashion


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Wrist Watches remain a timeless fashion accessory even in today’s tech-driven world. While your smartphone may excel at notifications and apps, its generic black rectangle lacks individual style. Watches fill that void with diverse designs to match your personal tastes.

A glance at your wrist makes more of a style statement than pulling out your phone. That’s why fashion-conscious people still find Swiss watches or timepieces, such as Montblanc watches, alluring for their meticulous craftsmanship and premium materials like titanium, ceramic, leather or sapphire crystal. Wearing a mechanical watch infuses class and sophistication into casual and formal business attire.

Remember, you have countless options to express yourself, from minimalist faces to bold chronograph dials. You can also choose materials from stainless steel to luxurious leather. Mix and match watch straps like you would jewellery. Many top brands now blend classic elegance with smart connectivity for tech-driven consumers.

Battery Life

The battery on your phone is one of its most significant limitations. How often have you found yourself with a dead phone mid-afternoon after a full day of use? While phone batteries are improving, most flagship phones still only offer around 10 hours of power before needing to recharge.

But the battery in your watch will likely outlast your phone each day. Many smartwatch batteries easily reach 24-48 hours between charges, depending on usage. Traditional analogue watches require no battery at all. You’ll never experience that “low battery anxiety” with a trusty watch on your wrist.

Perhaps even more valuable, your watch will remain fully operational even when your phone runs out of juice. Have you ever been in a situation where your phone died at an inopportune moment — like when waiting for an important call or relying on maps for directions? A watch preserves your connectivity in these scenarios.

Less Distraction


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In many settings, pulling out your phone would be considered rude or distracting. But a watch is much more discreet.

Imagine you’re in a business meeting, family dinner, or social event. Glancing at your watch is inconspicuous, whereas checking your phone would break etiquette and draw eyes away from the present company or conversation.

Even when phone use is acceptable, constant checking can pull you away mentally from what’s happening around you. Studies show our phones are distracting and that this scattered attention comes at a cognitive cost. Watches, on the other hand, enable peripheral awareness without compromising focus or face-to-face interactions.

Plus, things like checking the time, glancing at your calendar, or skipping songs can all be discreetly managed from your smartwatch without ever whipping your phone out.


Unlike your smartphone, a quality wristwatch can withstand daily wear and tear. Precision watches are constructed from premium materials like titanium, carbon fibre, and sapphire glass. This makes them ultra-durable accessories designed to accompany you for years.

Your watch resists scratches, cracks, and dings far better than your phone. You don’t have to baby it or shield it in a case. Designed for rugged use, durable sports watches handle water, dirt, dust, and drops without damage. Everyday knocks and bumps won’t easily scratch or shatter many watches like they would your phone’s glass face.

Brands like Casio G-Shock pioneered watches built to endure extreme conditions from the battlefield to the basketball court yet remain stylish. Your wristwatch will also withstand exposure to heat, cold, chemicals, pressure, and vibrations that would rapidly degrade a smartphone. So opt for durable wristwear able to stand the test of time.

Fitness Features


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Fitness trackers and smartwatches transform your traditional wristwatch into a powerful performance optimization tool. Today’s timepieces do far more than tell time — they monitor your health, fitness, and sports activities as advanced wearable devices.

Watch capabilities now rival and complement smartphone apps to help you meet your health goals. Built-in sensors track your steps, distance, calories burned, heart rate variability, sleep stages, and more automatically throughout the day. View your metrics directly on your watch face without even needing your phone.

GPS watches augment phone mapping to precisely track pace, route, elevation, and more for running, cycling, and hiking. Waterproof designs even log swim workouts along with stroke efficiency. Interval timers, virtual run coaches, and race predictors simplify advanced training.

Receive smartphone notifications like texts and emails directly to your wrist so you can track everything in one glance. The fitness watch category now encompasses elegant everyday designs and ruggedized sports models. So, equip your wrist with advanced wearable technology to optimize your exercises.

Holds Value

While your smartphone loses substantial resale value when you take it out of the box, certain luxury watches appreciate over their lifetimes. Collectible Rolex, Patek Philippe, and Audemars Piguet timepieces often sell at auction for more than their original prices. Limited edition and historically important models can fetch six or even seven-figure prices for their rarity and craftsmanship.

Even many non-luxury yet rugged tool watches maintain excellent resale value after years of use. In demanding environments, stainless steel sports watches prove their worth and make worthwhile investments for resale potential. Specific vintage models also escalate in collector value, with prestige and nostalgia increasing over time.

So, while most buyers know their iPhone loses over 41% of value in just one year, savvy collectors view prudently selected watches as their equity grows over decades.

As mechanical wristwatches carry on long familial legacies, you may one day pass down your beloved timepiece for a new generation to enjoy even as smartphone models fade into obsolescence. Your watch purchase can constitute a meaningful investment as a personal statement.

Final Thoughts on Wristwatches


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While smartphones are indispensable tools, a watch continues to have its value. From complementing your style to delivering crucial conveniences like long-lasting battery life and discreet notifications, a wristwatch fills gaps that mobile phones cannot. Whether you choose an analogue timepiece, smartwatch, or something in between, adding a well-designed watch to your daily carry gives you the best tech worlds on your wrist and beyond.

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