Zoe Kravitz Claims Robert Pattinson Was Born To Play Batman

Zoe Kravitz, who’s playing Catwoman in Matt Reeve’s The Batman, has claimed that Robert Pattinson was born to play Batman.

I was very, very excited when it was revealed that Robert Pattinson had been cast as Batman in the upcoming Batman movie.

I’ve always thought – post-Twilight – that Pattinson was an excellent actor.

He’s been doing so much great work in independent movies and has really flexed his acting muscles ever since starring in that awful tween movie franchise.

However, there was a lot of scepticism surrounding his casting.

People thought he wasn’t big enough or wasn’t a “good enough actor” to play Batman.

I thought that was rubbish, and now his co-star, Zoe Kravitz, has claimed that he was born to play the Dark Knight.

Robert Pattinson was born to play Batman according to Zoe Kravitz


Robert Pattinson in the Batsuit in The Batman – Credit: Matt Reeves

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Kravtiz revealed this during a recent interview on the HFPA podcast.

Here’s what she said about Pattinson and his performance as Batman in Matt Reeves’ upcoming movie:

Rob’s great, he’s wonderful in this role. I truly think that this was something he was born to do and he’s a great guy so it’s a joy to be around him. And when you’re working with people who you respect it makes everything better and easier.

Kravitz then went on to talk about the film’s script and what it’s been like working with Matt Reeves on the movie:

Matt [Reeves] our director is also just…he’s really smart and I think his intentions are in a really wonderful place with the story. The script is really, really strong. So it’s been really sad having to come to this halt because I really think that we were finding a really interesting space with the world and it will continue. But just being on set every day was a real joy.\

What do you make of this news?

Are you looking forward to seeing Robert Pattinson play The Batman?

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