Will There Be A Zelda: The Wind Waker Remake On The Switch?


The Legend of Zelda series has been a cornerstone of Nintendo’s gaming legacy for decades. With each new console generation, fans eagerly anticipate the release of a new Zelda game or the reimagining of a classic. One title that has garnered significant attention and love is The Wind Waker.

Originally released for the GameCube, its unique art style and expansive oceanic world set it apart. As the Nintendo Switch continues to dominate the gaming market, many are wondering: will there be a Zelda: The Wind Waker remake for the Switch?

The Legacy of The Wind Waker


Credit: Nintendo

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A Unique Entry in the Zelda Series

The Wind Waker stands out in the Zelda series for its cel-shaded graphics, giving it a cartoonish yet endearing look. The game’s story, set on a vast ocean dotted with islands, offers a unique take on the traditional Zelda formula. Players navigate the seas, explore islands, and delve into dungeons in their quest to rescue Princess Zelda and thwart the evil Ganondorf.

Previous Remakes and Remasters

Nintendo has a history of revisiting its classic titles. The Wind Waker itself received an HD remaster for the Wii U, which introduced improved graphics and quality-of-life enhancements. However, with the Wii U not achieving the same commercial success as other Nintendo consoles, many fans who missed out on this remaster are hoping for a Switch version.

The Demand for a Switch Remake


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Fan Requests and Speculations

The demand for a Wind Waker remake on the Switch has been palpable. Forums, social media platforms, and gaming communities are rife with discussions, speculations, and pleas directed at Nintendo. Given the success of other Zelda titles on the Switch, such as Breath of the Wild, it’s clear that there’s a market ready and waiting.

The Success of Zelda on the Switch

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild was a launch title for the Switch and has since become one of its best-selling games. The recent release of The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom further cements the series’ success on the platform. With such a track record, it’s logical for fans to expect more Zelda content, including beloved classics like The Wind Waker.

Nintendo’s Stance on Remakes


Credit: Nintendo

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Focusing on the Future

While fans are clamouring for a remake, Nintendo’s Producer Eiji Aonuma has indicated that the company’s primary focus is on future projects rather than revisiting the past. This sentiment suggests that while a Wind Waker remake would be welcomed by many, it might not be on Nintendo’s immediate agenda.

Rumours and Leaks

Despite official statements, the rumour mill never stops. Notable gaming insiders and leakers have hinted at more Zelda content coming to the Switch in 2023. While it’s unclear what this content might be, the possibility of it being related to The Wind Waker or other classic remasters cannot be ruled out.

Final Thoughts on The Wind Waker remake for the Switch


Credit: Nintendo

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The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker is more than just a game for many; it’s a cherished memory, a journey into a world of adventure and discovery. Its unique art style, combined with a compelling narrative, has etched it into the annals of gaming history. As the Nintendo Switch continues its meteoric rise in the gaming world, the clamour for classic titles, especially from the Zelda series, grows louder.

The demand for a Wind Waker remake is not just about experiencing the game with improved graphics or on a new platform; it’s about recapturing the magic, reliving the adventures with Link, and introducing this masterpiece to a new generation of gamers. The Switch, with its hybrid nature of being both a home console and a portable device, offers the perfect platform for such an experience.

However, Nintendo, as a company, has always been one to innovate and look forward. Their focus on creating new experiences rather than dwelling in the past is what has kept them at the forefront of the gaming industry for decades. While this approach is commendable, it does leave fans yearning for a blend of the new and the nostalgic.

Rumours and speculations will always be rife in the gaming community, especially when it concerns a title as beloved as The Wind Waker. But one thing is clear: the voice of the fans is powerful. With continued interest and demand, there’s always a possibility that Nintendo might set its sails towards giving The Wind Waker the Switch remake it deserves.

In the ever-evolving landscape of gaming, where technology and storytelling merge to create immersive experiences, the tales of the past still hold immense value. Whether or not we see The Wind Waker on the Switch remains uncertain, but the hope, excitement, and passion of the community ensure that its legacy will continue to thrive.

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The Wind Waker is available to play on the Wii U and the GameCube right now.

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