Zack Snyder Reveals WB Has Failed With Justice League’s Worldwide Release

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Zack Snyder has revealed in a recent interview that Warner Bros. Pictures has dropped the ball with the worldwide distribution and release of Justice League. He revealed this in a really interesting interview with SnyderCutBR • Liga da Justiça on YouTube.

This is something that I myself have been asking: how and when is Justice League going to be coming out overseas. At the moment, there’s not much information on that. Take where I live in France for instance. We don’t know where the movie’s going to be available, and cinemas are shut, so the film won’t be released that way.

Zack Snyder really opened up about his frustrations with how Warner Bros. Pictures has failed with the worldwide distribution of the film. It’s a very open and candid interview about the struggles he’s had trying to get this film released and his disappointment at how its distribution’s been handled.

Zack Snyder isn’t happy with the way Warner Bros. Pictures has dropped the ball with Justice League’s release

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Here’s what Snyder said about Warner Bros. Pictures’ botched Justice League’s release:

A lot of it, all of it is out of my hands, sadly. I wish I was in charge of that as well. Unfortunately, I’m not. So, yeah. There’s been not amazing work done with the distribution of the movie. I don’t know why that is. I honestly couldn’t… I can’t put my finger on it. I don’t want to seem like there’s some sort of conspiracy out there. I don’t think so. I really just think it was like… I think part of the problem is no one saw the movie coming, right. And, I think that the normal window, the normal way people in Hollywood distribute movies is they understand when the movie gets made that it’s going to have to be distributed, right. And that’s normally they have a two-year window to figure all that out. The problem is this happened in six months and came to life and caught everyone off guard I think. And also the demand has caught everyone off guard. I do believe that when the movie was greenlit, the Snyder Cut version was greenlit, I don’t know that there was a sense of urgency or an understanding of the worldwide demand that would be required of the distribution, and the studio and everyone to satisfy. And the only way I think, in some ways, is to let your local carriers or Warner Brothers in general or HBO Max to let them know or understand that this is important to you guys. Because I think is their minds it’s, “Oh, I don’t know how many want to see it”. I’m not certain of that, but I think it’s important to let it be known that that’s a thing that there’s interest in from you guys, the fans.

Warner Bros. has botched Justice League’s release internationally

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Snyder then went on to add what he though the issue was for Warner Bros. as far as Justice League’s release was concerned:

I think that’s literally the problem. It’s kind of a two-fold thing. There’s the time window and sort of how I think recently that people have come around to the fact that this is a totally different movie, a totally different experience and it’s going to require a totally different marketing and approach and now that’s that’s landed on everyone, it’s going to require a different approach.

Zack Snyder’s Justice League is coming out in the US on March 18th. Still don’t know when the movie’s coming out in the UK or the rest of Europe.

What do you make of this news? Are you sad to hear this from Zack Snyder and do you think Warner Bros. has botched Justice League’s release? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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