Zack Snyder Addresses Batman And Catwoman Cut Sex Scene


Zack Snyder has weighed in on the whole Batman and Catwoman cut oral sex scene debate and DCEU fans have really loved it!

Snyder revealed that he now considers the Batman and Catwoman oral sex scene cannon.

He revealed this via his social media accounts and his posts were pretty darn hilarious.

Snyder posted a panel of Batman pleasuring Catwoman and accompanied it with the caption: “canon”.

So, yes. As far as Snyder’s concerned, the Batman and Catwoman oral sex scene is now canon.

But, how did we get to this point of Zack Snyder feeling like he had to share this post on social media?

Zack Snyder shared his thoughts on the cut Batman and Catwoman oral sex scene

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So, what ended up happening was it was revealed that there was going to be an oral sex scene between Batman and Catwoman in the animated Harley Quinn TV show.

However, that scene was cut and all of this was revealed by Harley Quinn’s showrunner.

People then got wind of this news and thought it was pretty funny.

If you haven’t watched Harley Quinn’s animated series, then this news might come as a surprise.

However, it’s a very rude show and this scene would have made sense given its subject matter.

What do you make of this news?

Do you think this now makes the Batman and Catwoman oral sex scene canon?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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