Why Animation Is More Important Than Ever Before

Video marketing has been on the rise since 2013. It has been proven that a majority of consumers engage with videos more than they do the written word. With these statistics clear as day, people are aiming for producing better quality and highly-converting videos.

This leads us to the use of animation in creating videos that sell. Through video animation, you can tell stories, create brand awareness and connect with your target audience in incredible ways. Animation makes it possible to relate to your audience in ways that even live films can’t.

Still not convinced? Here are other reasons why animation is more important than ever before:

Animation is more memorable

soul movie review disney plus pixar

Credit: Pixar

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In the battle of live videos versus animated videos, the latter takes the lead because they leave a memorable and long-lasting impression. Now, would you remember a brand leader that was talking about the importance of loving animals, or an animated scene of animal and human companionship? 

Of course, the animated scene takes the lead. This is why animation is particularly important. It gives a clear understanding of your business and shows exactly what you stand for and what you can do for your customers.

Animation is easier to comprehend

Toy Story

Credit: Pixar

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Sorting through paragraphs of information that show why your business comes with a competitive edge is quite the challenge. But compiling everything about your business in an animated video is the smartest way out. Animation is easier to comprehend. 

Thus, your target audience can learn about your brand or business in under five minutes and feel confident enough about the information that you provide.

Animation equals higher conversion

Coco Pixar movie day of the dead

Credit: Pixar

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For any business, converting leads into long term clients is all that matters. Needless to say, when users are intrigued by a video on a website, they are most likely to spend a significant amount of time on the website rather than bouncing off.  When you use animation to explain your products and services, then your website visitors are more likely to watch the entire video. 

As such, you can convey the message that you require knowing that it was well-received. This is why many business owners have resorted to animation as an irreplaceable marketing tactic. However, there is one catch to success- Make your video engaging, add a call to action at the end and your rate of conversion will be through the roof.

In Conclusion

Toy Story

Credit: Pixar

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There is no better way to take advantage of the digital era than through the use of animated content. This will not only show that you are keeping abreast with modern technology but also prove that you are willing to stay relevant and give your audience exactly what they want.

Animation is the best way to keep your content fresh for consumption. It is the kind of marketing tool that you need in your arsenal. Don’t know where to start? You do not have to produce your video alone. Consult a professional animation studio and they will turn your vision into conversion.

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