Warner Bros Wants Bradley Cooper For Hal Jordan In Green Lantern Corps

What’s been going on with Warner Bros’ Green Lantern Corps movie? You can ask the same question regarding a lot of the DC Comics movies they’ve revealed. Still no word on whether The Flash movie is happening or not, but now we’re hearing that Bradley Cooper is being considered for the role of Hal Jordan in the Green Lantern Corps movie.

It’s been a really strange time for the DCEU. It does seem as though Justice League poor showing at the box office and with critics was the nail in the DCEU’s coffin.

However, some of the films around that did well. Wonder Woman and Aquaman were both hits and they’re already filming Wonder Woman’s sequel, Wonder Woman 1984.

Is the Green Lantern Corps movie still happening?

Bradley Cooper in A Star Is Born

Bradley Cooper in A Star Is Born – Credit: Warner Bros.

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They’re also talking about doing an Aquaman sequel with Jason Momoa, however, he has to save the planet in real-life first, and then come back and save the planet fictionally as Aquaman.

But, there’s been not much news about the Green Lantern Corps movie, although we have heard that Geoff Johns really want to get it made.

That said, We Got This Covered has been chatting to one of their rather reliable sources again, and they reported that Warner Bros. Pictures is looking at Oscar nominee Bradley Cooper to play the lead role.

They also revealed that Tom Cruise is likely to pass on the role, which is a shame because I genuinely thought he’d make an excellent Hal Jordan.

We Got This Covered’s Christian Bone writes: “Bradley Cooper is their top choice to play Hal Jordan in the DCEU. We’re hearing that the studio is extremely keen to get the A Star is Born actor onboard but it’s unclear if they’ve actually reached out to him yet or not.”

Would Bradley Cooper make a good Hal Jordan?

Bradley Cooper already voices Rocket Racoon in the MCU

Bradley Cooper already voices Rocket Racoon in the MCU – Credit: Marvel Studios

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If they do manage to secure Cooper’s services, it would make him yet another actor to star in both Marvel and DC movies.

This comes after We Got This Covered reported that Marvel Studios is keen on getting Henry Cavill to play the role of Captain Britain in the DCEU.

I think both Bradley Cooper as Hal Jordan and Henry Cavill as Captain Britain would be very good bits of casting. We’ll just have to wait to see whether they come to fruition.

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