Venom 2 Casts The Irishman And Rocketman Star Stephen Graham

Venom 2 is gearing up to start shooting sometime very soon, and Andy Serkis is getting his cast and crew together.

It’s all very exciting since it’s looking like this sequel to Ruben Fleischer’s original Venom movie is going to be a cracking film.

First off, you have Andry Serkis as the film’s director, and secondly, you have the likes of Tom Hardy back as Venom/Eddie Brock.

You also have a great cast assembled for this Venom 2 with the likes of Michelle Williams, Woody Harrelson and Naomie Harris all starring in the movie.

Venom is one of Marvel’s most iconic characters. He’s been depicted as both a hero and villain over the years in the comics, TV shows and movies.

He often ends up being a combination of both, a proper anti-hero, and there’s really the potential there to make a very intriguing film.

Fleischer’s first film ended up being a bit of a missed opportunity as far as I was concerned, yet the movie did well at the box office, and they cast the perfect man to play the role of Venom.

Stephen Graham will star in Venom 2

Venom Spider-Man Crossover in the works?

Is a Venom Spider-Man Crossover in the works? (Credit: Sony Pictures)

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Tom Hardy is simply put, brilliant, and according to Deadline, Sony Pictures has cast another fantastic actor for this Venom sequel.

They’ve cast Stephen Graham who’s recently starred in The Irishman, Rocketman and Line Of Duty Season 4.

He’s a terrific actor, and I can’t wait to see him in action in Venom 2.

There’s no word on who he might be playing in the movie, but I’m pretty certain he might have something to do with Woody Harrelson’s Carnage.

This Venom sequel is looking very exciting indeed and I’m pretty sure this will be a case where the second movie in a franchise is far better than the first.

What do you make of this Venom 2 casting news? Are you looking forward to seeing Stephen Graham in Venom 2?

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