Disney Confirms Tron 3 Is In Development With Jared Leto To Star

It seems as though Disney has just confirmed that Tron 3 is in development and there are rumours that the movie will star Jared Leto.

There’s been a lot of talk of a Tron sequel over the past few years.

People have been wanting the movie ever since Tron: Legacy came out.

The problem was that the movie didn’t do too well at the box office.

It was also made a bit too early for its own good.

The movie has some excellent CGI in it, yet there were some issues with the de-ageing effects on Jeff Bridges which were pretty janky.

If they had waited a few years, the film might have ended up looking a bit better.

Anyway, we’re now hearing reports from Disney Insider that Disney is working on a Tron sequel, which means Tron 3 might be in development.

Tron 3 seems to be in development at Disney with Jared Leto starring

TRON sequel Disney

Is a Tron sequel a good idea? – Credit: Disney

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According to Disney Insider, a Tron movie with Jared Leto is still in the works with a director search underway.

They also claim that this new Tron movie is expected to be more of Tron sequel rather than a reboot.

Disney Insider also reports that the cast from Tron: Legacy could return.

Even though this film might not be the Tron reboot that was mentioned a while back, it could still star Jared Leto.

Finally, they report that Daft Punk is in talks to return to make the film’s soundtrack.

They were the people behind Tron: Legacy’s incredible soundtrack.

This was mostly all but confirmed by Disney music executive Mitchell Leib.

He recently appeared on an episode of the podcast, Light The Fuse.

He revealed that the third Tron movie might actually end up happening thanks to Disney Plus.

Leib, who also worked on Tron: Legacy, said:

Now with Disney+, I think there’s opportunities to be creating content that we otherwise wouldn’t have been able to create, you know because we’re in the movie business.

Tron 3’s future all depends on Daft Punk and Joseph Kosinski returning

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Disney+ I think is going to afford us the opportunity to expand and get much more diversified in the kind of content we can create.

Leib then added that he’s spoken to Daft Punk’s manager, Paul Hahn in order to “further a bit of a starting conversation” about Tron 3.

We’ve got a great script, I mean a really phenomenal script that we’re very excited about. Whereas the timing wasn’t right to have done it years ago, I think we feel like the timing is right now, and I feel like we’ve learned a lot of lessons from that last movie.

Disney also seems to be confident that Tron: Legacy director Joseph Kosinski will come back to helm the third movie.

As far as Leib is concerned, the main thing they have to do to get the project off the ground is confirming Daft Punk and Kosinski’s involvement in it.

The right and first thing to do is to try and bring Daft Punk and would they want to. And the answer is they’re always open to anything and everything, but you gotta take it as it comes and see what the circumstances are. We don’t even know who would be directing it, I mean we’re hopeful Joe Kosinski would come back and do another one. A lot of things gotta fall into the right places, but certainly there’s an open-mindedness to it.

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Are you looking forward to seeing Disney make a Tron 3 and should Jared Leto be the film’s lead?

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