There’s A Tom Cruise Presidential Campaign 2020 Video And It’s Perfect

There’s a new Tom Cruise Presidential campaign 2020 video and it’s brilliant. SPOILERS – It’s a parody video, but now we need to get him to run!

It seems as though people are clamouring for other Presidential candidates other than Donald Trump and Joe Biden in 2020.

So far, there have been rumours that Dwayne Johnson might be thinking of running.

However, those rumours feel like they come more out of hope that he might rather than any solid information that he’s planning and run for the office.

There was also news that week that Kayne West is thinking of running for President this year, but he’s not officially announced anything or done anything towards running for office.

It would be pretty amusing if the rapper and supposed Trump supporter ran against him.

Anyway, it seems as though some people want action movie star and Scientology enthusiast, Tom Cruise to run for President.

There’s a new video which has been making the rounds online in which a Tom Cruise impersonator does one of the best Presidential campaign videos I’ve ever seen.

Should Tom Cruise run for President this year?

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The video comes from Miles Fisher who’s quite a decent Tom Cruise impersonator.

However, this video is so much more than just a decent impression of the Mission Impossible star.

This video is hands down the best President campaign video Tom Cruise could have ever made.

In the video, Miles (as Tom Cruise), explains why he’d make the perfect President of the United States.

He does this by going through all the roles Tom Cruise played over the years, and if he was any of the characters he’s played in movies in real life, then he would be a great candidate.

Unfortunately, Cruise is an actor and a pretty strange one at that.

He’s very into the Church of Scientology and I’d be more worried about having someone like that in the White House than someone like Biden.

What do you make of this news?

Would you like to see Tom Cruise run for President against Trump and Biden?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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