A Tiger King Comic Book Is Being Made And Will Be Released In June

It’s been revealed that there will be a comic book based on the Netflix docuseries, Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem and Mystery and it’ll come out in June.

This news comes from Variety, who reported that a new Tiger King comic book series will be released by TidalWave.

They will add this new comic book based on the popular Netflix series to their “Infamous” series of pop culture comic books.

It will be written by Michael Frizell and illustrated by Joe Paradise.

“You can’t make this stuff up. I never imagined I’d be researching a book like this,” said writer Michael Frizell.

“It was a challenge to find a focus for the comic because there’s so much happening.

Tiger King is being made into a comic book

Tiger King has everything you want from a documentary

Tiger King has everything you want from a documentary – Credit: Netflix

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“I just remember starting to watch the show saying to myself, ‘Yeah that tracks.’

“We all have Joes and Caroles in our lives, and it’s always interesting to me to learn how these extreme characters got to be where they wound up,” he finished.

Tiger King was viewed more than 34.2 million times in its first ten days.

That makes it the second most-viewed show or movie on the streaming platform ever.

“We wanted to create a fun and entertaining distraction from the current state of the world,” said TidalWave publisher Darren G. Davis.

“I am obsessed with everything in this story and wanted to tell it with a different medium.”

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