The Witcher’s Early Reactions Tease A Show That Makes ‘Game Of Thrones Look Awful’

The Witcher is looking like it’s going to be Netflix’s biggest show of this year, and it’s coming out in only a few days time.

The show stars former Superman actor Henry Cavill and Geralt of Rivia and is based on a series of Polish books of the same name.

There were also a few video games made based on the books, and it’s said that the Netflix series will be inspired by some moments in the games as well as the books.

Now, this is all very exciting stuff and it looks like The Witcher is going to occupy a very interesting place in people’s lives, especially in a post-Game of Thrones world.

The HBO show came to a rather flat end earlier this year, and fans were not happy with its conclusion.

However, some fans got to see some of the first episodes of The Witcher and they’re already comparing this show to HBO’s Game of Thrones.

According to these early reactions, The Witcher Season 1 makes Game of Thrones look, as one Twitter user put it, “awful”.

Sounds like The Witcher Season 1 is going to be groundbreaking

The Witcher Netflix Henry Cavill Geralt of Rivia

Henry Cavill is Geralt of Rivia in The Witcher (Credit: Netflix)

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Could this really be the case? Could Netflix have made a better TV show than Game of Thrones, which for many years was considered to be one of the best shows on television?

Here’s what some lucky people who got to watch some of the first episodes of The Witcher Season 1 had to say about the show:

This is really exciting and I especially love the fact that these people have already spotted that the show is doing some unique things as far as combat and sword-fighting choreography is concerned.

In order to really set itself from the rest of these fantasy TV shows, The Witcher has to do something truly unique, and it sounds like that’s what they’re doing.

We already know how good Henry Cavill is as on-screen combat, so it sounds like they’ve got the perfect man for the job.

What do you make of this news? Are you as excited as I am to watch The Witcher Season 1 on Netflix? Let us know in the comments below.

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